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Medical Alert Systems & Monitoring

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Medical Alert Systems & Monitoring

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What Customers Are Saying about Habitec

My Grandmother has owned a Habitec Medical Alert system for over 30 years. Nana is 104 and your medical alert allows her to live life as she wishes and gives us the peace of mind she is never alone.


Every Minute Counts

Every Minute Counts

It’s a fact that living independently is jeopardized by events such as a fall.. Once an event like this occurs, time is of the essence.

In fact:

90% of those who receive help within one hour after a fall will continue to live independently

But after twelve hours of no help, only 10% will continue to live at home.

A True Story about Medical Alerts

Thank you! The medical alert button saved my mother's life. My mother, Jeanette is an 83 year old lady who has had over 6-7 falls in the last 6 weeks. She suffers from diabetes and dementia. I called to have Habitec come out and install a medical alert button for my mom. The technician reviewed with my mom and myself how to use the button/system. Just a little over 6 hours later, Habitec Security called me (just before 10p) to tell me that my mom had fallen! I couldn't get her up by myself and called our local paramedic squad. When the squad got here, they tested her blood sugar- it was only 35!

If she had not pushed the alert button, her blood sugar would have continued to go lower. Within several hours she would have slipped into a coma and died! Mom is currently in an extended care facility for rehab. If/when she comes home again, she won't walk in the door without her medical alert button.

Sue H.

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How a Medical Alert System & Alarm Monitoring Works

How a Medical Alert System & Alarm Monitoring Works

In case of an emergency situation, a simple press of a button will notify Habitec’s local Central Station of an emergency situation.

A Habitec operator will be able to communicate, over the two-way voice medical pendant with the customer to make sure everything is OK.

If there is an emergency the Habitec operator will proceed to dispatch the appropriate authorities and contact the family making them aware of the situation. For reassurance and comfort we will stay on the line until help arrives.

Questions? Check out our most frequently asked questions and answers:
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Medical Alarm Monitoring

Because our Central Station is located in Ohio, we are able to offer you better service and better protection than other companies. Habitec’s award-winning Central Station is monitored 24/7 by local dispatchers who are trained, managed, and employed by Habitec.

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