Burglar looks into house through the windowThe holidays are here once again – ‘tis the season for festive gatherings and celebrations. Unfortunately, ‘tis also the season for home burglaries. According to the FBI, December is a peak month for burglaries, which isn’t surprising, since it’s also the month when many people leave their homes unattended while enjoying holiday events. That’s why we’ve put together some holiday home security tips.

By taking some very simple precautions, you can greatly improve your home’s safety and security during the holidays and beyond. We’ve listed 8 top security tips to get help get you started.

#1 Don’t Share Too Much on Social Media

Taking a holiday vacation or visiting friends or family out of town? Don’t post your plans on social media, or “check in” at a location. Thieves scour social media, looking for likely targets. Enjoy the moment, but wait until you get back to post your travel news and photos.

Also, don’t post pictures of expensive gifts on social media. Don’t let thieves use social networks to “window shop” for their next target.

#2 Ship Packages to a Secure Location

Online shopping is convenient, not only for shoppers but also “porch pirates” who stake out and steal delivered goods. Have deliveries made to a secure location – such as your office or a neighbor’s house – when you’re not home. Consider a video doorbell, which notifies you when someone is at the door if you’re not available to answer it.

#3 Don’t Leave Wrapped Packages Under the Tree

Beautifully wrapped gifts are a beacon for burglars, especially if they’re under a Christmas tree in front of a window. If you can, move your tree to a less visible location and (like Santa) wait to put packages under it until Christmas Eve.

#4 Don’t Leave Boxes of High-Ticket Goods Out by the Garbage

A low-tech (but effective) way to know what’s new and valuable in your house is to look at the packaging left in or near the garbage can. Instead, cut up boxes and stuff them in opaque garbage bags before putting them out for collection.

#5 Monitor Your House with A Home Security System

If you have a home security system, make sure you use it! If not, Habitec is here to help protect your home and family with one of our easy-to-use and customizable home security systems. We also offer other great security options, including video surveillance and home automation. Our professional installation and local monitoring will provide you with added peace of mind.

#6 Connect with Your Neighbors

Good neighbors make a great security team, and there’s no time like the holidays to connect with them. If you’ll be out of town this season, and you have trusted neighbors, ask them to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. Maybe they can help your house looked “lived in” by getting the mail, occasionally parking in your driveway, or shoveling the snow on your walkway.

#7 Double Check Your Locks

Door and window locks are your first line of defense against burglary. Make sure they’re in good working order and locked when you’re away or at home so a thief doesn’t have easy access.

If you are worried about being locked out, don’t keep a key under a rock, window ledge, or flower pot near the door. Your safest best is to have a trusted neighbor (see tip #6) hold on to your spare house key. If that’s not possible, move it to a location away from the door.

#8 Vary Your Lighting

Use timers on your holiday lights, household lamps, and televisions to make it appear you’re home. Add motion sensors on outdoor lights for an extra level of security.

Get a customized home security system & protect your family

Habitec Security Wishes You and Your Family a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season!

If you’re considering a security system for your home or business, our security experts can design a system for your security needs and backed by award-winning, 24-hour local monitoring. Contact us today!


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