It’s August, which means it’s time to start thinking about school again. For students, this means the thrill of a new grade and stress the school year can bring. But for parents, the most common concern is a singular one: school safety.

So, what are some of the most effective ways to improve school safety and protect your child? Read on and learn – including tips for parents who want to help promote a safe school environment!

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The Most Effective Ways to Improve School Security

Incorporate Surveillance Cameras

Modern schools are immense – with dozens of hallways, staircases and points of entry. No matter how large a school’s staff of teachers and administrators, it is simply impossible to have people watching the entire school at all times. This is why surveillance cameras are such an essential part of school safety. Habitec Security’s video surveillance system offers you full-suite of critical features, including:

  • Remote viewing on any web-enabled device
  • Image capturing
  • Viewable recordings
  • Alarm-triggered clips
  • Event Alerts

With these features, it’s easier than ever to ensure the entire building is secure. Not only do they assist in active monitoring, but they also help verify incidents – such as an altercation between students or identifying a suspicious person wandering around the campus.

Cameras can be setup to watch any area of the school – both inside and out. Faculty and security should work together to stay aware of anyone entering the building, loitering in the parking lot or surrounding area and to prevent misbehavior by the students.

Establish a Police or Security Presence

For larger schools, it’s become common to add a police or security presence to the grounds to help ensure the safety of the students and staff. These enforcement professionals help establish a feeling of security and serve as a resource to turn to when students or staff have safety concerns. Additionally, when working with local law enforcement, it helps keep a line of communication open between the school and the police department. This can build trust between students and police, and make them more likely to report suspicious activity or even school bullying.

Use Access Control Technology to Monitor Visitors

Between staff, students and school services, there are hundreds of people entering and leaving a school each day. While surveillance cameras help track and respond to unusual activity, it’s important to make sure nobody enters the school unless they’re supposed to be there. The best way to handle foot traffic is with a monitored access control system.

Access control systems allow the administration to control any important points of entry or interior rooms from one centralized system. In addition to limiting entry to only those who belong, a modern access control system includes the ability to track who has gone where and when. Habitec Security’s advanced access control even offers remote control, so doors can be locked or unlocked as needed, even if an administrator isn’t physically present.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, controlled access to buildings during school hours is one of the most common security measures used by schools. While a trained staff or security team is important, a monitored access control system is a great way to keep any school safe.

Practice Emergency Response Drills

Emergencies happen, and when they do, it’s critical staff and students know how to respond. The best way to prepare for any event is to practice the appropriate response through drills. Every school administration should create a written plan which covers how the faculty and student body should behave during a crisis. These plans should be practiced occasionally throughout the school year.

Drills help normalize emergency response, so if an incident occurs, the students and faculty will be able to easily and appropriately respond. Additionally, practicing the plan gives the administration a chance to see where they can make improvements or add training. It also allows for a live test of some of the emergency alert systems in the school, like fire alarms or tornado sirens.

How Parents Can Help with School Safety

Educate Your Child on Safety Precautions & Behavior

It’s impossible to be with your child at all times. Even with the prevalence of mobile phones, there will be times when your son or daughter will need to act on their own – whether it’s during a school crisis or simply walking home after school. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to teach your child how to behave and respond to protect them and those around them.

Schools implement safety plans and response policies which only work if the students follow them. Make sure your child understands the importance of following these plans and taking drills seriously so if an emergency happens, they respond appropriately.

Guarantee They Get Home Safely

Don’t forget about after-school safety! It’s not uncommon for parents to work past the end of a school day, which means your child may arrive home sooner than you. If they walk home or take the bus, make sure to teach them to head straight home. If they want to go to a friend’s before you get there, tell them to contact you and wait for a response before they go.

One common concern for parents is knowing whether their child is able to get inside their home safely or not. You could make an extra copy of the key, or install a garage-door keypad, but they aren’t fool-proof. A home automation system which allows you to remotely access your locks gives you more control. If your child loses their key, or forgets the code, you can unlock the door for them and have confirmation they’re home safely.

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