While security technology continues to advance, one thing has stayed constant: surveillance cameras are one of the best additions to your security system. The ability to record and watch your property from anywhere has redefined safety. But what are the specific benefits which make security video camera systems ubiquitous across the country and the world? Whether you run a business or just want to protect your home, learn why a surveillance system is a must-have for your property.

Security guard monitoring a security video camera system.

Why Are Security Video Camera Systems So Popular?

Ease of Use

Modern video surveillance systems have come a long way from closed-circuit recordings and rooms full of VHS tapes. Habitec Security’s easy-to-use and completely customizable security video camera systems let anyone monitor and review their footage remotely. New security camera technology makes them convenient to use, like our latest line of high-definition indoor video cameras with these user-friendly features:

  • Smartphone Integration via an App
  • See, Hear, Speak & Snapshot Activity
  • Remotely View Live Video & 30-second Clips
  • 7-day and 30-day Video Storage Options

It’s even possible to receive instant text alerts when combined with a robust, monitored security system.

Peace of Mind

It’s impossible for one person to keep an eye on every corner of their home or business. Video surveillance gives you the ability to check in at any time, even if you’re half-way around the world. For parents who are working while their child is home, or business owners with expensive equipment on-site, this can save you from anxiety when you’re on vacation. Even if you’re not traveling, you know your property is protected by one of the most effective deterrents available.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Insurance costs are directly related to the potential risk of damage or crime on your property. When you take steps to lower this risk, you can potentially lower the cost of your insurance. A home or business with an active security system invites far less risk than one without. In some cases, your insurance company may lower your rates by up to 20%. This can help offset the initial cost of installation and monitoring – which lets you enjoy a safer home or business and pocket some extra savings on the side.

Security Video Camera Systems for the Home

Investing in surveillance cameras is one of the best additions you can make to your home. A modern camera system offers everything from security to utility:

Deter & Identify Crime

The most commonly understood benefit of security cameras is as a deterrence to crime and a tool to identify criminals. Visible security systems discourage anyone from attempting to steal or damage your property. Very few people will risk committing a crime in direct view of a camera. Researchers interviewing incarcerated burglars revealed nearly half would choose a new target after discovering a security camera on the property.

If someone does break into your home, or takes something from your yard, your camera will also be pivotal in identifying and locating them. High-quality cameras can capture video which can give police all the details they need to recognize repeat offenders or track down new burglars. Without having surveillance – the best you might have is a questionable eyewitness description.

Keep an Eye on Your Family

Surveillance isn’t just for crime – it’s useful for ensuring the safety of your family too. With remote-access cameras, you can have a presence at home even if you’re stuck at the office. Whether you check in to make sure your child is doing their homework, or that your pets aren’t getting into trouble, you don’t have to worry while you’re out.

Know Who’s at the Door

Parents often teach their children not to answer the door at a very early age. But intruders can be crafty – and it’s better not to leave the protection of your home and family to chance. One unique home security camera is the SkyBell™ HD Video Doorbell Camera. When someone presses the doorbell, you’ll receive an alert on your phone which lets you see a live video feed from your door. If you’re away from home, you can screen the visitor and even choose to talk to them. They’ll think you’re home, making your house less appealing for invaders and ensuring your child doesn’t have to answer the door to strangers.

Benefits of Security Video Camera Systems for Businesses

Protect Valuable Assets

Every business has equipment and information located on-site. Computers, tools and products are all potential targets for theft. The cost to replace these can be extreme – but the time lost recovering data or accounting for shrinkage can be even more detrimental. A security video camera system is one of the best ways to protect your assets. Monitored office buildings are much more difficult to steal from, and like homes, burglars aren’t interested in the risk.

Monitor Staff & Customers

There are a lot of moving parts to any business, especially when it involves interacting with customers or clients. It’s critical to keep a record of events taking place throughout the day. Almost every business will experience client or staff complaints. Video recordings are your best tool to reduce frivolous claims or identify misbehavior.

You can also use your cameras to improve the efficiency and safety of your business. When you’re able to review your company’s processes, you can find ways to reduce wasted time or correct unsafe procedures. With how easy it is to access your recordings, you can even use them to educate your staff if you see anything being done incorrectly.

Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Guard Personnel

Businesses which employ guards or monitors often need constant surveillance of stock and equipment. Whether they’re there to prevent theft or to ensure your equipment doesn’t malfunction, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the staff required to watch every corner. A security video camera system can replace the need for a large, expensive team of guards – allowing fewer people to watch your whole property.

The Benefits of Professional Security Camera Installation

It can be tempting to install your own camera system for either home or business. While you may feel like you’re saving money, you’re potentially wasting it! Your security cameras are only effective when they’re placed for maximum protection. When you hire security professionals with decades of experience, you’re hiring experts who can inspect and plan the most effective layout possible. Gaps in your security can render the entire system useless! Before you buy and install cameras on your own – reach out to Habitec Security for a free security evaluation in our Ohio and Northern Michigan service areas.

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