Safety is always a priority. For you, your family and your home. When you look at home security options, your first choice is between DIY security systems or a professionally installed one. Many homeowners look to DIY security options as a way to achieve security without the long-term costs.

But the risks of DIY security systems often leave you spending your money without achieving true security. Read on to discover the primary risks and flaws of a DIY home security system.

Easily Bypassed Security

You must consider the importance of location and design. A security professional will know what flaws to look for in your home: potential entry points and the paths criminals are most likely to use. Without this knowledge, your entire DIY security system could leave massive gaps of protection, rendering it useless.

Installation Problems

DIY really does mean “do-it-yourself.” When you purchase a DIY security system, you’re on the hook for everything. You have to decide where to install the sensors or cameras and control panel – and then actually do the labor yourself!

For those who are tech savvy and familiar with home improvement projects, it might not be insurmountable. However, for the average homeowner, it could mean having to cut holes and move outlets in your home to ensure the best possible position from important security devices. If you can’t find good places to hide cables for non-wireless devices, you’ll also have the eyesore of power cables in your home.

Repairs Are on You

No electronic device lasts forever. With continued use and the potential for accidents, you will eventually run into an issue with your DIY security system. Damaged wiring, broken functions and other issues may leave your home unprotected until they’re fixed. You’ll need to figure out what’s wrong – or replace them yourself!

True home security means protecting the exterior of your home as well. Your DIY system may include cameras or alarms for outside, but what happens when they get damaged? Extreme weather or even mild weather over long periods of time will eventually cause enough wear-and-tear to leave these gadgets vulnerable.

Professional security companies offer warranties and guarantees with their products. Even those premium DIY home security kits that do come with warranties won’t compare to the service and quality of a professionally-installed whole-home system.

False Alarms

Saving a few dollars may sound nice, until you have to deal with the headaches of a less sophisticated alarm system. Poor quality interior alarms can and will be set off by all sorts of non-threatening issues. Pets, children and even an accidental bump can trigger poor-quality DIY alarms.

Of course, not all DIY security devices are low quality. But to purchase the premium ones, especially with features which help avoid false alarms, you end up paying the same or more than with a professional security company. And you still miss out on 24/7 monitoring from experienced professionals like those at Habitec Security!

Should You Invest in a Monitored, Professionally-Installed Home Security Solution?

Absolutely! According to the most recent Bureau of Justice Statistics report on household burglary, an estimated 3.4 million households experienced a burglary event in 2011. While this number has declined over the years, it’s still extremely high!

Even if you’re not worried about burglaries, a monitored home security system offers more than intruder protection. When Habitec Security evaluates your home security needs, we can recommend real security solutions for a variety of situations, from security alarms to video surveillance and even environmental monitoring! Upon customizing a solution for you, we schedule professional installation with next day options available.

Monitored security systems keep you safe and by ensuring an experienced professional is always alert and ready to react to any emergency, whether you’re home or away. At Habitec, we offer award-winning local monitoring and flexible plans. And if something goes wrong with your system, we offer lifetime service and support with many of our products, which means we fix it for free!

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