The modern workplace is vastly different than those of even 20 years ago. With new changes come new threats, such as active shooters, computer crimes and employee data theft. These new threats require new means of workplace security to keep you, your employees and your business safe.

If you want to minimize your risks for your business, you need to be proactive! Improve your workplace security by assessing your office and its surroundings for these common vulnerabilities.

Lack of Surveillance

No criminal wants to be seen committing their crimes. For that reason, video surveillance is one of the best deterrents to crime you can invest in. In the same way criminals focus in on houses which are easier targets, they also typically set their sights on businesses that are easier targets. This means, if you have a surveillance camera and the company across the street doesn’t, they won’t be robbing your building!

In the unlikely event a business with surveillance is targeted, you’ll have evidence to dramatically increase the chances the criminal will be captured. You’ll be far more likely to recover any stolen goods or documents.

In addition to award-winning security, Habitec Security now offers Video Verified Monitoring for businesses. If your alarm is tripped, or if the surveillance camera’s intelligent video analytic identifies a potential problem, it sends a notification to our Central Station. A trained dispatcher will review the footage and dispatch law enforcement immediately if necessary.

Monitored surveillance like Habitec’s video verified monitoring protects you from:

  • False alarms
  • The cost of hiring overnight security guards
  • Delays when a crime is in-progress
  • Liability for employees investigating the source of a triggered alarm

Learn more about how business video surveillance and video verified monitoring can protect your business.

No Security or Access Control System

The biggest vulnerability for any business is to ignore the need for a monitored security system. You can’t protect your business every hour of the day on your own! Without proper security, anyone who breaks into your building will have all the time they need to steal your most valuable inventory and confidential documents.

A monitored security system is essential for any business. With 24-hour protection, your chances of stopping perpetrators before they can do damage to your business increase significantly. Habitec Security’s award-winning central station actively monitors security systems for activity and can alert you or the authorities as soon as break-in happens.

Modern security offers more than protecting from break-ins, too! Habitec Security’s access control systems offer you tools to manage access to your business or critical locations within it automatically. Card readers keep strangers out and restricts where employees can go without appropriate permission.

On top of that, our access control systems integrate with your security system. You can remotely control access points and even view reports to look for unusual movement throughout your business.

In the modern era of data theft and threats to the safety of your staff, controlling access to your building is a must for proper workplace security!

Poor Lighting

It comes as a surprise to many that home burglaries typically take place during the day. They choose this time because it’s the least likely time for anyone to be home! On the other hand, office buildings and stores operating during working hours are more likely to be empty at night.

If your business isn’t well-lit at night, it makes it much easier for anyone to approach your building out of sight of passersby. This can give thieves ample time to scout out your business, find an entrance and plan their escape.

For those who can, installing better exterior lighting around the perimeter of your building will decrease your chances of being targeted. Especially combined with proper trimming and removal of foliage which can often act as a hiding place for thieves!

Remember to improve lighting throughout the parking lot too, if possible. It keeps the entire approach to your building well-lit, and protects you, your employees and any clientele who may be leaving during the darker hours of the year.

Visible Valuables

Whether you run a retail store or an office which doesn’t receive public foot traffic, you need to be careful with what’s visible and when! If a person knows they can quickly find and escape with something worth a lot of money, they might choose to break into a building they otherwise would’ve ignored.

The obvious risk is for retailers with expensive goods. Of course, you want to show off your best to those who are walking by. But afterhours, they only serve to increase your risk of crime.

Office buildings are typically stocked with expensive electronics. Laptops, monitors and other expensive electronics are popular targets for theft. Why? Because they’re often visible from windows near employees’ desks!

Keep your windows covered when nobody is in the building!

Lack of Safety & Security Policies

Your employees are integral to your business’s security. But security isn’t often on the top of their mind. Many business owners take it upon themselves to focus on general safety or security, and that leaves your business vulnerable to issues your employees may overlook.

If you haven’t yet, take the time to outline key policies with the intent of improving general security. There are plenty of guidelines you can implement to keep things safe:

  • Lock all doors and windows at closing time
  • Require unlocked entrances to be monitored
  • Require computers to be passworded and locked when not in use
  • Include a thorough walkthrough of the building as part of your closing procedure
  • Ensure the security system is armed when the building will be empty

Ultimately, your policies and day-to-day procedures can make a huge difference your workplace security.

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