The new year brings a clean slate for you to make major changes in your life. If you haven’t decided on your New Year’s resolution yet, consider making home security a focus for next year. It’s your chance to take the safety of your home and family into your hands and enjoy a year with peace of mind. The best way to follow through on your resolution is to come up with a reasonable plan and easy to act on. Make your home safe in the new year with our helpful tips to keep you on track in fulfilling your resolution this year!

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Fix the Small Problems You Keep Putting Off

Over the years, you may have noticed plenty of small issues in your home which need to be fixed. But it’s been weeks, months or even years and you still haven’t gotten around to it. Set some time aside to tackle small safety issues one at a time. Common, often ignored issues are:

Any weak link in your home security can be exploited or put you at risk. Let next year be the year you make your home safe by starting with the little things.

Improve Your Home Security System

Many homeowners turn to DIY or simple home security systems as a way to save money and protect their home. The unfortunate reality is these “solutions” don’t actually do either. Magnetic or stick-on alarms can be easily circumvented. Dummy cameras are obvious to experienced thieves.

Even if you have an alarm system, without monitoring, it’s only functional when you’re nearby. While it may protect you from an unexpected intruder at night, it won’t do anything when you’re at work for the day. This is also the most likely time for a home break-in.

Professionally monitored security systems offer more protection for your home and your family. In addition to alerting law enforcement when an intruder is identified, they can help minimize damage from everything from flooding to fires.

Schedule a Security Evaluation

Every homeowner thinks they know their own home inside-and-out. But with almost 2.5 million burglaries per year, it’s obvious most homes aren’t as secure as you may believe. The only way to truly understand your risks and how to improve your home safety is by scheduling a professional security evaluation.

Security professionals can examine every inch of your home to identify obvious means of entry, blind spots in your surveillance camera system and other security flaws. Their experience means they can spot risks you never considered and make recommendations on how to correct these problems.

Practice New Safety Habits

Keep your home safe by resolving to take the necessary steps each day to minimize your risks. The more attention you pay to home security, the less likely you are to make one of the many common mistakes homeowners make every day:

  • Check your doors to make sure they are locked every time you leave the house
  • Frequently check your windows to confirm they are closed and locked
  • Test your fire alarms or smoke detectors regularly to ensure they’re functioning
  • Arm the alarm even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes
  • Test your family on home security steps and escape plans

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Approximately one-third of home burglaries are done without forced entry. Additionally, three of every five deaths due to home fires were in homes without working smoke alarms.

Don’t Forget to Ditch Your Old, Unsafe Habits, Too

Good safety habits only work if you don’t continue your unsafe habits at the same time. Convenience is important, but many small conveniences put your home at significant risk to save little more than a few seconds of your day. Think about a typical day and any potential habits which impact your security:

  • Start closing the garage door when you leave
  • Don’t hide keys outside
  • Don’t lend your keys to anyone unless necessary
  • Stop the mail if you plan to be gone

Get a customized home security system & protect your family

Let Habitec Security Help You with Your New Year’s Resolution!

We can help make your home safe next year and beyond! If you’re considering a security system for your home, our security experts can design a system for your security needs and backed by award-winning, 24-hour local monitoring. Contact us today!

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