With expensive technology and valuable information, offices are a prime target for sophisticated criminals. Every business owner must take their office security seriously. If you’re in need of protecting your office and employees, read on to learn about the best steps you can take to keep your office secured.

A Monitored Alarm is the Centerpiece of Office Security

No matter what you do to protect your office, a professionally installed, monitored security system is the best step you can take to improve the safety of your office. Our state-of-the-art systems include protection for your entire office building:

  • Door Sensors
  • Window Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass Break Alarms

Whether your office operates normal business hours or is open for all hours of the day, it’s important for you to keep it defended from intruders. Without a business security system, you can’t be sure if someone has broken in or sneaked in without your notice.

Not only does a security system protect your office, it also protects your employees. You want employees to enter and leave work without worrying about their safety.

Establish Policies for Safety

Office security is everyone’s responsibility. Every business owner should communicate expectations for secure and safe practices to the entire office. Consider scenarios both of general safety and those unique to your business:

  • Are there routines for locking and unlocking the office?
  • Who is responsible for greeting guests or allowing access to the main offices of the building?
  • Are entrances that aren’t always visible to employees locked?
  • Who has access to storage for sensitive documents and equipment? Who controls access?

Use these questions as a starting point for creating office policies. By turning these policies into habits, you can have the entire team minimize security risks.

Access Control Helps Automate Security

The backbone of office security is knowing who is going where and when. Access control systems are the best way to for you to automate the process of keeping your building secure from entrances to individual rooms.

Not only can you use access control to restrict areas of your business to certain employees, you can access reports to help you track access history in the event of an incident.

Remote access gives you the convenience of locking or unlocking doors without needing to drive to your office. This can help you in case an employee forgets to lock up after closing, or if employees forget their access cards.

Habitec Security’s advanced access control system utilizes proximity cards, combination pins and even biometric readers for any office security needs.

Keep an Eye on Your Business with Security Cameras

You feel safest when you know what’s going on with your office. Security cameras are the best way to make sure you’re never more than a few clicks away.

Modern business security cameras allow you to watch live surveillance footage, capture images and even review clips triggered by an alarm! Even if you’re thousands of miles away on vacation, you can find out what’s happening as long as you have a smart phone or laptop nearby.

Security cameras can also be a deterrent to crime. If the full perimeter and even the interior of your building is watched by security cameras, thieves know their chances of being caught go up dramatically.  With Habitec’s Outdoor Video Monitoring, we can even offer superior protection to most outdoor areas and remote sites even without power or the internet.

Another unique feature of our security camera system for businesses is our Video Verified Monitoring. When an alarm at your business is triggered, a video alarm notification is sent to our Central Station. Our experienced dispatchers will watch the footage and confirm if a crime is in progress. If they identify a potential crime, they can dispatch law enforcement immediately.

Good Lighting is Necessary for Office Security

One major step you can take towards improving your office security is simply through improving the lighting. Many offices, especially exteriors with larger lots for parking, often run into an issue with poor lighting. During the colder seasons when it gets dark early, this can make your employees feel unsafe walking to their vehicles or simply locking up.

Proper lighting inside and outside of your office goes a long way towards preventing thieves or vandals from approaching your building or entering your building unnoticed. Combined with security cameras, it also makes them easier to identify when you need to contact the police.

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