As National Pet Month is coming to an end, it’s a great time to discuss a question we as security professionals are often asked: can dogs play a part in your home security plan?

This depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about the impact of dogs for home security.

How can dogs play a part in home security?

Dogs Can Warn You of Strangers

Even the smallest of dogs can get your attention with a bark. With their keen sense of hearing and smell, dogs can identify approaching strangers at all times of day. While many dogs will bark at unusual noises or approaching strangers naturally, they can often be trained how to respond and commands to stop.

It’s recommended to still have an alarm, though! While a barking dog can alert you when you’re home, it won’t help much if you’re not there. Habitec’s Central Station can contact the authorities when a breach of your home is identified so you can have peace of mind even when you’re at work.

Dogs Can Discourage Thieves or Trespassers

The mere presence of a dog acts as a deterrent to criminals approaching your property. Even when out of sight, the sound of a bark can make a burglar second-guess targeting your home. In addition to the risk of a dangerous dog and painful bite, the barking compromises a burglar’s ability to go unnoticed. This makes a home with a dog much less likely to be burglarized.

Combined with security signs indicating your home is protected by a monitored home security system, you can discourage almost any criminal from interfering with your day-to-day life!

Dogs are Protective of Their “Pack” and Territory

There are hundreds of true stories of heroic dogs defending their family from attackers or intruders. One of their most critical instincts is to protect their den and pack from threats. This trait is what makes dog ownership a comfort for millions of households across the country.

Parents of children who walk home from school are often concerned with the safety of their children. A dog at home can be one way to help take control of your family’s after school safety.

The Disadvantages of Dogs for Home Security

Despite these protections, there are some issues a homeowner should consider when looking at a dog for home security:

False Alarm Barking

Have you ever had a neighbor whose car had an overly sensitive alarm? Several times a week, it may trigger for no reason at all! Eventually, you learn to tune it out – even when there may be a real threat triggering the alarm.

Some dogs are simply prone to barking. If you don’t train their behavior properly, they may start to bark at everything: strangers, birds, random noises and even your own family! Like the boy who cried wolf, it can undermine the potential security a dog has to offer your home.

Not All Thieves Are Afraid of Dogs

Dog breeds vary in size and temperament. If your family dog is a small breed or an overly-friendly breed, they won’t be very intimidating. This is especially true for burglars who are familiar with dogs or are prepared to circumvent them. Food is a powerful motivator for animals – a handful of treats may be all it takes to pacify your “guard dog” and allow someone to sneak into your home.

Adding security cameras to your home security plan can help minimize your risks even more. While most burglars will simply move on when they hear or see your dog, a security camera adds another layer to discourage even the boldest of criminals.

Other Ways A Dog Can Impact Your Security Planning

When we build a customized security plan, we think about your entire family including your furry-family members.  While you are away, you can watch your pets with a security camera.  With Habitec Smart Home, you can remotely unlock the door to let a dog walking service in to take them for a walk, adjust the thermostat so your dog is comfortable and even turn on a light if you will be home later than you thought.

Most importantly a monitored fire protection system, can also provide you with peace of mind in case there is ever a fire.  With Habitec’s Pet Window/Door Decals, you can mark how many pets are in your house, so the fire department knows what to look for in your home.

Also, no need to worry about your pets tripping the alarm!  Our security experts can build a pet-friendly solution so your pets don’t trip your alarm.

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