Intruders, property damage and natural hazards. These are the types of things you most likely associate with business security monitoring. But what about profits and ROI? Your security system can help you with these things too!

Leveraging your business security monitoring to help maximize your business is one of the major benefits of investing in a modern security system.

Prevent Time Theft

For small businesses where your employees feel like family, discussing time theft can be a challenge. However, it’s critical to establish the importance of minimizing time theft, which can damage a business’s reputation and ultimately their ability to stay afloat. It’s estimated that time theft can account for up to 5 percent of a business’s total gross payroll costs!

Habitec Security’s business security monitoring systems give you the tools you need to oversee your employees – even if you aren’t in the office! The most challenging part of dealing with time theft is how pervasive it is, particularly when employees don’t even realize they’re doing it.

These are some of the most common ways time theft happens:

  • Forgetting or choosing not to clock out for unpaid breaks.
  • Overestimating their time when filling out timesheets at the end of the week.
  • Intentionally padding timesheets.
  • “Buddy punching,” which is when an employee punches another employee’s timecard in.

Your security system can notify you of important daily events at your business, such as when it opens or when it closes. Our security system allows you to set specific times of day these events should happen and alerts you when they don’t. Weekly reports generated by our software makes it easy for you to keep track of when your business actually opened or closed.

Additionally, you can use security cameras to keep an eye on your business throughout the day or refer to recordings to evaluate events which may be questionable. With just a few minutes of review, you can confirm whether your employees are showing up when they say they are, or if they’re punching coworkers into the clock when they shouldn’t be.

Prevent Inventory Shrinkage

Shrinkage is a common problem all retailers suffer. Between shoplifting and employee theft, shrinkage can dramatically decrease your monthly profits and lead your business into dire straits.

The mere presence of cameras is often enough of a deterrent to prevent most theft. Clearly placed cameras covering the full layout of the building will make thieves reconsider when they notice them. However, it’s often even better to include signage informing patrons they’re under surveillance and your company presses for charges on all shoplifters.

Shrinkage due to employee theft can often be more significant than theft from customers. With their access and increased opportunity, especially if working outside of normal business hours for stocking or cleaning, employee theft can be your most costly form of shrinkage.

Video cameras deter employee theft just as much, if not more, than customer theft. In addition to knowing the cameras are there, employees are aware they’re far less anonymous. If a camera were to catch them stealing products or cash from the register, it wouldn’t take long to apprehend them.

Analyze Your Staffing Situation

Adequate staffing is a difficult scale to balance. On one hand, overstaffing can put your costs too high to sustain without the revenue to back it up. On the other, understaffing can be a nightmare for your entire business; stressed employees, missed sales and a revolving door of replacements.

As a small business owner, assessing your staffing is hard. If you’re not at the office or your store, you can’t keep an eye on things to see if employees are left without work to do or if customers are being left unattended. However, it’s no easier when you’re at work, because you may pitch in to help. This could mask an understaffed team or even make you think you’ve overstaffed when you haven’t!

Using security cameras and other business security monitoring tools, you can check in your business from afar. This lets you see how your staff operates without you there. It’s possible you’ll quickly be able to identify if your team is always giving 110 percent or if you’ve been scheduling too many people at the same time.

Save on Insurance

A fully-monitored security system is one thing insurance underwriters love to see with a business. This helps them know you’re invested in your own security and are less likely to have issues with theft.

Therefore, you can often receive discounts on your insurance when you have a professional security system installed. With the added protection of the security system, and the additional insurance savings, you’ll notice a big difference in your bottom line over the years you operate.

Protect Your Inventory

Habitec Security’s business monitoring systems can also include sensors to identify temperature changes or flooding. For businesses with refrigerated goods, or those in flood-prone areas, seconds matter when these issues happen.

Include these sensors in your security plan and you can often save a majority of your inventory before it completely spoils. The difference is often catching the problem within minutes versus the next morning at opening!

Enjoy a Smart Business

Controlling your business from afar opens a world of possibilities in preventing problems and avoiding disaster! Habitec’s system includes remote-access capabilities such as:

  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • Turning lights on or off
  • Locking or unlocking electronic locks
  • Being notified when someone accesses sensitive areas of your business

These remote-monitoring controls make it easier for you to take a week off work and enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about how your business is doing without you!

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