Owning a home is one of the most important milestones most Americans work toward. But such a major investment means it’s important to protect. Whether you’re buying your first home or lived on your own property for decades, you likely have one or more concerns about safety.

Read on to learn about these common homeowner concerns and what you can do to stop worrying and start enjoying your home!

What If There’s a Fire When We’re Not Home?

One of the most common homeowner concerns is the threat of a fire, especially when you’re not home! Modern homes are wired along practically surface to make sure we have lights, outlets, and power where we need them. We also have appliances like fireplaces, stovetops, and dryers. Every single one, when not properly maintained, is a potential fire hazard!

Standard home smoke detectors aren’t designed to keep your home safe – they’re designed to give anyone inside the time they need to evacuate and call the fire department. But what good is that if nobody is home to hear them?

Monitored smoke detectors as part of a home security system can put you at ease. Not only will you have the same protection when you’re at home, but trained operators will also be alerted when a fire is detected so they can contact emergency services immediately. Even if you’re not home, the fire department can be notified as soon as possible.

Did I Leave My Doors Unlocked/Garage Open?

When you leave home to go to work or out on errands, it’s important to lock up. An unlocked door or open garage is an invitation to theft! But the habit of locking doors and closing the garage on your way out of the driveway becomes so routine you often do it without thinking. Then when you get to the office or the store, you start to get anxious you may have left your home open to anyone passing by.

In most cases, your options would be limited. Do you call a neighbor or family member? Do you leave the office in the middle of the day to run home and double-check the locks? With a home automation system, you don’t have to!

Remote access to your door and garage is one part of a full suite of home security and automation features. And it’s easy to lock your doors or check on your garage with the tap of a button. Just take a look at our app in this brief walkthrough video:

Is My Property Safe When I’m on Vacation?

Vacations should be relaxing. But if you’re hundreds of miles away from home, it’s normal to worry something may have happened back at home. If a severe storm hits your hometown or there are reports of a string of burglaries, you’ll definitely wish you could see what was going on back home!

Fortunately, you have plenty of options for staying connected with your home even if you’re on the other side of the world! Security systems monitored by live operators are like having someone on guard duty at your home. Any time your alarm is triggered, they’ll be ready to ensure you’re safe and the right help is on the way.

More importantly, security cameras let you keep an eye on your property from anywhere! If you’re ever concerned animals are getting into trouble or just want to be reassured your home is fine, you can open an app on your phone and check. With additional cameras like video doorbells, you can even know when anyone approaches your door with automated alerts!

What If I Get Hurt and Can’t Call for Help?

Part of being a homeowner is the freedom and independence of living on your own property. Independence is important to everyone! But concerns about age or health problems can make the idea of independent living hard to balance with your personal safety. Medical security devices can help!

During a fall or sudden health emergency, if you’re on your own, you may be unable to reach a phone or call for help. A medical alert device ensures you always have access to help at the touch of a button with you anywhere you go.

The Habitec Security alert device gives you instant two-way communication to a Habitec operator whenever you need it. If you’re injured and need help, our operators will dispatch emergency services to you immediately. They’ll even stay on the line with you until help arrives to make sure you’re safe!

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