Every investment you make in your business should be a smart one. And investments into your business must be protected! A security system is the best way to protect your business but the best security systems are ones that are well-maintained and managed, both by you and a security company you can trust like Habitec Security.

Read on to learn the importance of maintaining your security and fire systems for superior performance.

Protect Your Business by Keeping Up with Your Security Systems

Security technology has come a long way – and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Year after year, new changes in technology from upgrades to communication systems to new tools and features enhance the benefits offered from your security system. As a business owner, it’s important not to consider your security investment a “fire-and-forget” decision. Each year, you should at the maintenance of your security system!

Maintain Your Security Systems

The most important part of protecting your business is keeping your security system in peak condition. This means making maintenance a part of your planning every year! Certain steps should go into your maintenance plan to avoid common issues.

Some common maintenance steps for business owners should be:

Check Locks on Your Doors – False alarms or trouble setting an alarm can happen due to door lock contacts on even just one door.

Keep Your Security Cameras Clear – Indoor decorations or clutter outside, from weather to obstructions, can reduce the effectiveness of cameras. This includes dirty lenses, so clean them from time to time!

Perform Battery Checks – Not every part of a security system requires batteries, but if something does, it’s critical that you keep an eye on the batteries and make testing them a standard part of your routine.

Habitec’s Business Premier Service Plan (PSP)

For business owners who understand the importance of their security system, the premier service plan provides everything you need to keep your staff, property and products safe. The plan covers a wide range of benefits for your business, including:

Lifetime Extended Warranty

With our PSP, we will repair or replace any components of the system because of normal wear and tear, including obsolete technology. Remote Training & Support

Getting the most out of your security system investment includes understanding what it can do for your business. Many business owners go years without utilizing the full value of their security system simply because they weren’t trained on how to use special features!  We are available 24/7 for support or to schedule a remote training session.

The premier business service plan also includes:

  • Same Day/Next Day Service – We guarantee the arrival of a service technician on the same day or next business day.
  • Supervised Service – Our technical support team can remotely identify and fix system issues
  • Critical Security Updates – Let us worry about making sure your system has the latest firmware upgrades
  • Security IP-Easy Connect – We provide a cloud connection for your access/security system so you don’t have to open up ports.
  • Customized Reports – Automate your reports to be scheduled via email or view on-demand reports
  • Learn more about a business security system and our business premier service plan!

Fire Inspections Are Critical to Protect Your Business

Fires are an unfortunate reality for any property. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, monetary loss from fires has increased almost 100% from 2009 to 2018, making it a potentially disastrous issue for business owners.

Annual fire inspections are more than just to keep up with state mandated regulations. They help you, as a business owner, understand your risks and the ways you can mitigate them. Fire inspections can also provide you with insight into how to best update or modify your existing security system to prevent fire hazards throughout your property.

Habitec Security offers fire inspection services to test and inspect components of your fire system. Our technicians are up-to-date with all NFPA standards to make sure your fire system is too! We can even take extra steps like cleaning the initiating devices of your fire alarm or measuring the sensitivity of your smoke detectors to both fight false alarms and ensure code compliance.

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