With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and plenty of summer road trips on the horizon, we’re often asked how to deter break-ins so travelers can enjoy their holiday time away. The last thing you want to do is worry about your home while you’re trying to relax on a much-needed vacation!

Read on to learn more about how to deter break-ins in your home, including tips that are easy to implement and keep you safe for years to come.

The #1 Way to Deter Break-ins: Home Security System

It’s no secret that burglars choose easy targets. Their goal is to get in and out without being noticed. The most effective way to make your home not worth the risk is to install a state-of-the-art, monitored home security system!

For those wondering how to deter break-ins, one of the best solutions is to install a monitored home security system. When a burglar is choosing homes to target, they often look for signs that a home may be protected by a system like this. The moment they realize a home has a security system, it goes to the bottom of their list.

On top of deterring break-ins, a security system that’s monitored offers an unparalleled level of safety and security if for some reason a break-in did occur. Not only will the burglar be likely scared off due to the alarm, our Central Station monitoring team will check in and alert the authorities if necessary to minimize response times.

Flaunt Your Security

It’s true that the ultimate goal of any security device or system is to keep you safe when something goes wrong. But they also act as strong deterrents just by existing! If you’ve taken steps to protect your home with anything from a guard dog to a full-fledged security system, don’t keep it a secret! Use signs and other indicators that you take security seriously. Frightening a potential thief from even approaching your home is far better than reacting when they actually break-in.

In addition to the actual Habitec Security sign you can place in front of your home, security equipment like cameras and alarm panels make it obvious that your home is no easy target!

Keep Up with Outdoor Maintenance

With the warm weather finally sticking around, it’s a great time to get outside and get a handle on the yard. Everything from trimming shrubs to cutting back tree branches and weeding your flower bed are more than maintenance tasks, they’re theft deterrents too!

How does a well-maintained lawn deter break-ins, you may ask? It’s simple: overgrown yards give two critical benefits to thieves:

#1. It Indicates Lack of Attention – An unkept yard is a great sign that a property may be infrequently used, abandoned, or currently empty due to a long-term vacation. These are prime targets for theft, because the thief knows they’re unlikely to get caught, and the owners won’t be able to report the theft until long after the thief is gone.

#2. Extra Cover – Approaching a strange property is dangerous. Thieves want to cover as much ground as they can completely out of sight. When shrubs and trees block most of the sight lines in your yard, they can sneak right up to your home unseen. Moreover, large bushes around your home can obscure them while they work at opening a window or a door.

As a homeowner, you’ll want to keep your property looking great anyway. But when you’re considering how to deter break-ins at your home, it’s nice to know your yard work is doing double-duty to protect you as well make your home look beautiful.

Doorbell Camera

Have you heard of doorbell cameras? They’re a relatively newer addition to home security that offers you a combination of convenience and protection! They replace your standard doorbell, triggering either when pressed or when motion is detected near your door.

When these doorbell cameras are activated, they begin to record and send video to your preferred device, like your smartphone. From there, not only can you immediately receive notifications when someone is at the door, you’ll be able to look to see who it is and even interact with them!

One surprising fact to many homeowners is that a large portion of break-ins happen in broad daylight, right through the front door. This is because thieves know most homes are empty during the day while adults are at work and children are at school. A common tactic for burglars is to actually ring your doorbell to make sure nobody is home!

A video doorbell gives you a lot of tools to deter theft:

  • Know Who’s There – You’ll never be surprised to hear someone was at your door, because you’ll receive notifications whenever it happens
  • Pretend You’re Home – If someone is testing your property for activity, you can simply pretend you’re home but too busy to answer the door. Th
  • Record Visitors – If someone suspicious comes to your door, you can review the recording and provide it to the authorities if necessary

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