The beautiful warmth of summer invites everyone to spend more time outside. It brings fresh air, sunny days… and unexpected knocks at the door. From roof repair specialists to everything else, salespeople at your door are inevitable. But recently, a rise in door-to-door scams involving security systems has left many homeowners footing an unfortunately expensive bill.

Read on to learn more about these door-to-door scams and how you can protect yourself!

What Is the Security System Door-to-Door Scam?

The Better Business Bureau has recently warned homeowners to be cautious of door-to-door sellers knocking and promoting their security systems. According to the BBB, these sellers may be promoting some type of actual security products, but they mislead homeowners about the contracts they’re signing.

With aggressive sales tactics, including fear-mongering, these door-to-door scams trick you into signing on the dotted line for a multi-year contract with their security system. They often target seniors who may be more likely to believe the security devices are high-quality or that their home may be at higher risk than it actually is.

The result could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costs catching you completely off-guard. And like other contract scams, they often include fees which make it even more expensive to try and break the contract early.

It’s important to note not every door-to-door salesperson is a scammer. But any legitimate company will provide you with ample time to review the contract and not pressure you into making any immediate decisions.

Signing Up for Sub-Par Systems

One of the biggest issues with many of these long-term contract scams is they provide you with the lowest quality of service and security products. In addition to being locked in for several years of service, you’ll receive devices with outdated technology providing the bare minimum of genuine security.

For instance, you may be given alarms that simply trigger a sound with no smart features like alerting you or the authorities when a break-in occurs. Alternatively, they may provide something like low-resolution cameras that lack features such as remote viewing.

Most importantly, however, is the lack of monitoring. The most critical feature of any security system is in its monitoring. Whether for break-ins, fires or medical alerts, security features in your home that are unmonitored offer a fraction of the protection that a properly monitored security system can.

At Habitec Security, our security devices connect to our Central Station, a monitoring center staffed with trained professionals who are at the ready to review and pass along security alerts the moment they happen. This means dispatching law enforcement, firefighters or even medical assistance in those dire situations where every second counts.

How to Protect Yourself From Door-to-Door Scams

If it’s security salespeople or anything else, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce your risk of being scammed or even just signing up for a bad deal due to high-pressure salespeople.

Always Review the Contract

Aggressive door-to-door scammers rely on high-pressure tactics to stop you from realizing what you’re signing up for. They’ll try to talk you through signing without reviewing the contract, or pretend to “summarize” each section for you to skip you along the critical process of understanding what you’ve agreed to.

While security systems often come with contracts, legitimate security providers won’t pressure you to sign until you know what they offer.

Use a Remote Doorbell

Door-to-door scams rely on your politeness to get their foot in the door. Once they have you engaged in conversation, they’ll do everything they can to keep you from sending them away. These aggressive tactics are hard to escape from, especially if you don’t want to seem rude.

An easy way to avoid them? Using a video doorbell! These can activate via motion or when your doorbell is rung, sending you a video feed of who is at your door. If it’s not someone you know, you can communicate with them through the doorbell camera and tell them you’re uninterested without feeling pressured.

Alternatively, you can simply choose not to engage with them at all. A remote doorbell gives you unparalleled control when it comes to answering your door safely!

Do Your Own Research

The best way to protect yourself from door-to-door scams is to do your research. In addition to reviewing documents given to you by a salesperson, take the time to look up potential security companies online. You’ll find almost everything you need to know by looking at details like their social media profiles and online reviews.

Habitec Security is proud of the quality products and service we provide – with 4.8 stars on Google Reviews throughout nearly 400 reviews, we’re one of Ohio & Michigan’s premier security system providers for homes and businesses.

If a door-to-door salesperson is similarly invested in their company, they’d be more than happy to let you look up their business independently before you sign anything!

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