Running a business comes with risks. You have enough on your plate managing your staff, supply, marketing, and more. While you can’t ignore security issues, you can simplify it by partnering with a trusted local security company. When it comes to protecting your business, an alarm system monitoring team is the best thing you can invest in to get the most out of a security system.

Benefits of Alarm System Monitoring


When you invest in an alarm system, it’s important to understand what you and your business gain from it. Simple door and window alarms may be inexpensive, and a DIY system could save you a small percentage versus a vetted system, but what do they provide for your business?

From a business owner perspective, the less your alarm system does automatically, the more you’ll have to do in response. Basic door and window alarms won’t be of any benefit if you’re not available to notice them going off. Even if they alert you, you’d have to be available to respond.

By the time you get a message on your device and check in, it could be far too late. And given the statistically likely chance that crime or damage to your building happens overnight, it leaves you on the hook for a long night trying to understand what’s happening and contacting the appropriate response team.

Even DIY systems that may offer some monitoring don’t offer the same convenience of a fully-fledged local security provider. After all, a DIY system means you’re signing up to do it yourself! That means finding the right equipment, the right locations to install it, and then getting it all put together. Security devices may be easy to use, but they can be complicated to setup. Especially when it comes to putting them in the right places to provide your business with the best security possible!

An alarm system monitoring company based in your local area handles all this for you and more. It’s a true investment in the security of your business – and therefore an investment in your long-term financial safety.

Response Times That Make a Difference

An alarm system is only as effective as its features. While you may associate a security alarms with loud sirens and flashing lights, but these are not the real benefits of having one. It may be enough to scare off an amateur intruder, but a more experienced burglar or vandal might realize they have some time after the alarm goes off to continue their plan.

By the time you identify your alarm has triggered and call the police, they’ll likely be long gone, and you’ll be left to clean up the mess.

Alarm system monitoring, on the other hand, provides real-time protection thanks to a team of professional, trained technicians who react to alarm triggers right when they happen. This means you’ll get the fastest response times possible!

It’s not just about crime, either. A monitored alarm system tied to your fire alarm, flood detector, or other systems could help get emergency services to your building before severe damage is caused.

Integration with Other Systems

Alarm monitoring is more than a company reacting to your security system sounding off. For businesses who want to get the most out of their security and help reduce false alarms, Habitec Security can also offer services like video monitoring as well!

Video monitoring goes above and beyond typical monitoring services, letting our Central Station security experts review video footage after a security camera has been triggered. This may be from detecting motion during off-hours, or when a specific door in your building has been opened without appropriate access.

After reviewing the footage, the Central Station team can determine if a suspicious act is occurring, allowing them to either contact you or the authorities. Alternatively, if the clip shows there’s no cause for concern, it can help avoid false alarms that distract your local police department. As an added bonus, that means you won’t be distracted by false alarms when you’re out and about or on vacation as well!

Insurance Discounts

When looking at the cost of a monitored security system, savvy business owners will see how they can leverage it to reduce expenses on other parts of their business. In addition to preventing expensive repairs or damage control following theft or vandalism, a modern security system often lets you cut back on your insurance premiums too!

Insurance companies love when businesses take preventive measures to protect their businesses. After all, it’s in their best interest to insure businesses with low risk. When you install a security system, most business owners will have a follow-up conversation with their insurance companies to see what types of discounts are now available to them.

On top of that, insurance companies know that a monitored alarm system is better than an unmonitored one. That means you could receive even more discounts on your premiums. For the protection a security system offers, it’s already a good investment for any business – but with additional discounts on insurance, it should be an easy choice!

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