Any parent knows that the holidays are a magical time for kids – and the rest of the family too! Keeping the magic alive starts with creating a safe environment. Having a full suite security system installed lets you stay focused on the warmer moments of opening presents, sharing a holiday meal, and simply enjoying each other’s presence. And for users, you can take advantage of a unique Christmas home security feature to give your kids a holiday moment they’ll remember for years!

Christmas Home Security Features: Santa Security

The thrill of finding an extra gift labeled “Santa” is something that brings a smile to children’s faces around the world. But as your family gets a little older, they may start to grow skeptical of the idea of Santa sneaking into homes to leave presents for those who were nice all year! After all, with your security system, how could anyone sneak in? has implemented a special Christmas home security feature designed to spark the imagination and joy that the holidays are known for – by inserting images of Santa Claus right into live home security footage of your home! If your home security cameras and system are provided by, this special feature is easy to use too:

  1. In the app, access any Live Video Feed from your home security cameras
  2. Look for the Santa icon and give it a tap
  3. You’ll see a selection of Santa images to choose from, pick whichever one fits your photo the best!
  4. You can resize and move the Santa, as well as select full-color (for daytime) or black and white versions (for nighttime photos)
  5. Take those photos and share them with your kids!

Other Christmas Home Security Features

The easiest way to make the holidays feel like a time for cheer is to make sure you’re protected from those who would end up on Santa’s naughty list. Here are some other Christmas home security features and tips to help keep you safe and keep your holiday on track:

Protect Your Presents

Planning to shop online? Beware the holiday menace of the porch pirate! This unfortunately real problem seems to get worse every year – people choosing to snatch deliveries right from your porch before you even know they’re there. Your best defense? Security cameras with live alerts or a doorbell camera!

One of the easiest ways to avoid porch pirates is to minimize the amount of time your deliveries are sitting vulnerable in front of your door. A security camera that alerts you when it senses motion is a great way to know exactly when the delivery arrives. Doorbell cameras can make this a lot easier too, letting the delivery person communicate with you directly – including letting you use your mobile app to tell them where to best hide the delivery until you’re able to get home.

Once your presents are safely inside, you could even consider using motion detectors to protect the area where you store them, such as your bedroom closet. This keeps them safe from another type of visitor – your excited kids who just can’t wait to find out what they’re getting under the tree this year!

Christmas Vacation Protection

It’s no secret that the holidays mean travel. For most families, that means going around the block or around the country to visit with loved ones. It can be stressful to leave your home for a day or two, knowing that it’s vulnerable to break-ins, fires, or other risks while you’re not there to keep a watchful eye.

Fortunately, a monitored home security system from Habitec Security keeps your property safe! When an event occurs, be it your alarm going off or a smoke detector identifying the signs of a fire, our award-winning Central Station will know! From there, we’ll inform you and emergency services if necessary, minimizing potential response times and doing our best to keep your property safe and secure.

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