As you are now getting adjusted to the new school year, you fall back into your routines (or start brand new ones for families with younger children!) every family wants to make sure their loved ones are safe. With the back-and-forth of school trips and mismatched schedules, after school safety can be a challenge.

Here at Habitec Security, we’ve put together some tips for improving your after school safety, to help your kids get home safe and to put your mind at ease.

Teach Your Children How to Use Your Security System

When you’re away, your home security system is the best guardian of your family. For working parents, that can mean those stressful hours between school closing and working ending are a little more manageable! But if your children don’t know how to disarm and arm your security system, they aren’t going to benefit from it.

Teaching your children how to use your security panel lets them get inside without causing a false alarm, and then can keep them safe until you arrive home.

Giving them their own codes lets you keep track of who is arriving (or leaving) and when, which also helps you better understand their after-school schedules.

What If We Don’t Have Home Security?

For families worried about after school safety, the idea of skipping out on a home security system is frightening! Keeping your home safe is paramount – and a monitored home security system like one from Habitec Security is the best way to do it when you’re not home. You’ll know your home is safe to return to for them, instead of potentially walking in after or during a burglary. Likewise, you’ll be able to know when they get home and that nobody else is entering your home until your workday is over.

If you’re on the fence about a home security system in the Toledo, OH, Columbus, OH, or Charlevoix, MI areas, Habitec Security can help! Just give a call and we’ll be able to find a system that matches your needs.

Know Your Kids Schedules

Being aware is the first step to being safe. School throws a lot at your kids, whether it’s sports or music or a dozen other extracurricular activities. You never know when they’ll be staying late, coming home early, or other potential schedule issues.

When they’re not home, it’s your duty to know why. Keeping up to date with their schedules is an after school safety basic. Good communication lets you avoid situations where you arrive home only to wonder where your son or daughter is!

Add Security Cameras to Your Security Plan

Nothing makes a parent feel more secure than actually seeing their children get home safe and sound. With remote access, security cameras can do that no matter where you are. If you’re working late and need to take a quick peek to see that your family is enjoying a quiet evening in, it only takes a few taps of an app.

Security cameras can also do a good job of letting you keep an eye out for trouble – both from outside and within the home. After all, children are always exploring, you never know when one might be getting into a bit of mischief!

Lastly, the mere fact of your home being protected by security cameras goes a long way to making thieves and troublemakers steer clear. Knowing your home won’t be a likely target makes it easy to know everything is okay.

Keep Notifications On

Modern home security systems come with apps that offer notifications for events. These events can trigger from important actions like arming or disarming of a system. You can keep an eye out for these alerts to know precisely when your kids are getting home from school.

Secondly, these alerts help avoid situations where your kids go out to play or visit a friend without you knowing. When you see the system being armed for going away, you’ll know they’re stepping out. This gives you a chance to call them, or if it’s a young child, reach out to a neighbor to make sure everything is okay.

Install a Video Doorbell

One of the last major after school safety recommendations we often make is the addition of a video doorbell to your home. Unknown visitors are a common threat to your children’s safety. After all, you never know when a convincing burglar might arrive pretending to have pizza or something else appealing. No amount of “stranger danger” talks will be 100% effective, so having an eye on the situation makes a big difference!

Video doorbells do more than let you know when someone arrives. When they ring the doorbell, you can use your app to see who it is and even talk to them directly. The assumed presence of an adult can be enough to dissuade them from carrying out their plans. And you’ll know someone is there, so you can check in with your kids or rush home knowing it wasn’t just the mailman.

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