October is the season of spooky fun! With Halloween around the corner, homeowners will be expecting a neighborhood full of princesses, ghosts, and more! With all the children going house to house, it’s important to promote safety too. We have a few key Halloween home security tips to help you stay safe and fun this year!

Ensure Your Home Is Well Lit

One of the best ways to keep your home safe on Halloween night is to make sure it is well lit. Firstly, it makes it easier for trick-or-treaters to both find your home and to avoid tripping on decorations or other risks on your property.

It’s fun to have a spooky atmosphere but avoid keeping your home too dark to be safe! Path lights are a great way to add some extra light without being too obtrusive.

Secondly, in addition to trick-or-treaters, Halloween is often a night that older teens or others might consider a time for mischief. Keeping your home well-lit discourages vandalism and other destructive behavior by keeping people visible.

Check Your Security Cameras

As Halloween approaches, it’s important to make sure your security cameras are in good working order. This is the time of year when many people take advantage of the darkness to commit crimes, and you don’t want your home to be a target.

Simply having the security cameras visible will be a strong deterrent for those looking to cause trouble. Nobody wants to have their criminal activity recorded on camera, so keeping your cameras visible goes a long way to protecting your home on Halloween night.

Likewise, if something does happen, those camera recordings could be critical to catching the perpetrators. You’ll be thankful you had them if they catch someone stealing your property!

Take a few minutes to check your security cameras and make sure they are properly positioned and functioning properly. This will help you deter would-be criminals and keep your property safe this Halloween.

Don’t Decorate with Candles

Creating a spooky atmosphere on Halloween night is a favorite part of the year for many families. But scary decorations shouldn’t be actually dangerous. Candles are a typical way that decorators create a Halloween mood around their home, either on tables or in Jack-o-Lanterns. However, you may want to look for safer alternatives.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are the leading cause of home fire deaths on Halloween. Seeing as October is a month dedicated to fire safety, do your part to keep your home safe! You can look for small LED lights that can produce similar ambiance without the risk of an open flame.

Re-Arm Your Alarm After Halloween Ends

During the festivities on Halloween night, you’ll likely keep your security alarm off. This will let you open your door without causing a false alarm when children come to your door to trick-or-treat. Law enforcement will appreciate you not making a busy night busier with accidental alarms!

Of course, when Halloween ends, you need to double check to re-arm your security system. The little ones will be back at home eating their candy, but the streets may still have thieves looking for easy targets.

Before you lock up for the night, make sure to re-arm your system!

Park Your Car Somewhere Safe

As Halloween night approaches, it’s important to make sure your car is parked in a safe, well-lit area.

Unfortunately, there are always a few pranksters who take advantage of the holiday to commit vandalism or even theft. With all the people running around, especially in busier neighborhoods, it can often be hard to pay attention to troublemakers moving around your vehicle.

But when it comes to Halloween home security, keeping your car off the streets also helps avoid accidents. Children running around and having fun can easily hit a car accidentally. On top of that, with low visibility during the early night time, the fewer cars on the street make it easier for anyone driving through your neighborhood to see the full road, which can make it safer for those walking on foot.

The best place to park your car is in a garage or other protected area. This keeps it under lock and key, making sure nobody can access it at all.

Of course, not everyone has a garage (or space to fit their cars!) If you can’t park your car in the safety of a garage, consider parking it close to where you’ll be handing out candy. This lets you keep an eye on it. Do your best to keep it in a well-lit area!

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