As the holiday season approaches, many of us look forward to festive celebrations and family gatherings. However, it’s also a time to be extra vigilant about home security. Learning how to monitor your house while away for the holidays is crucial to ensure that you return to your abode just as you left it – safe and sound.

Last month, we talked about some ways to stay safe from risks during the holiday season. In this article, let’s delve into some effective measures for fully securing your home during the Christmas season if you’re away from home. Read on to learn more!

Install a Home Burglar Alarm

One of the most effective ways to prevent break-ins while you’re out is by installing a home burglar alarm. These systems act as a strong deterrent against potential intruders, ensuring that your home stays secure in your absence. The assurance that your home is protected allows you to fully enjoy your time visiting family and friends, without the constant worry about home security.

Additionally, a reliable alarm system plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your precious holiday gifts from theft. With such an alarm in place, you can rest easy knowing that your home, and everything in it, awaits your safe return.

Rely on Security Cameras

When it comes to securing your home for the holidays, security cameras are indispensable. These devices serve as a powerful deterrent, often prompting burglars to think twice before targeting a home equipped with visible cameras. The advanced technology used in Habitec Security’s cameras, which includes intelligent software to detect and record suspicious activities, adds an extra layer of protection.

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, having a security camera can make all the difference in recovering stolen items. The footage you record can help police track down the criminals, or even aid in proving the losses for your insurance policy.

Furthermore, the capability for remote viewing allows you to keep an eye on your home, even from afar, ensuring everything is as it should be. Never let anxiety about your home ruin your vacation or family trip. Any time you’re worried, you can take a quick look at your cameras to know everything is fine.

Take Advantage of Home Automation Features for Security

Home automation is a game-changer in how to monitor your house while away for the holiday. By making your house appear occupied, even when it’s not, you significantly reduce the likelihood of break-ins. Programming lights and other devices to turn on and off can create the illusion that someone is home, deterring potential burglars.

Another benefit is using the remote control of doors and locks to eliminate the worry of leaving your home exposed to risks. On the road and not sure if you remembered to lock your doors? Just check the app!

As a bonus, home automation can also be a cost-saver; for example, managing your home’s heating remotely means you don’t heat an empty house, but can still return to a warm, welcoming home after your holiday travels.

Avoid Winter Blues with Life Safety Devices

Winter holidays bring the risk of extreme weather, which can lead to issues like frozen pipes. Environmental monitoring systems and life safety devices can alert you to falling temperatures, helping prevent such problems.

These systems also provide flood alerts, safeguarding your home from water damage. With the high potential cost of water damage during the winter from frozen pipes, this kind of monitoring is essential for peace of mind while you’re away.

Keep Things Safe with a Fire Alarm System

The holiday season, with its increased use of fireplaces, decorative lighting, and festive cooking, also brings an increased risk of fires. A functional fire alarm system is critical for any home during this time. Habitec Security’s fire alarms can integrate into your overall home security system, providing timely alerts in case of any fire incidents.

This integration ensures that you’re promptly informed of any dangers, allowing for immediate action even when you’re miles away.

How Live Monitoring Ties It All Together

Live monitoring is the key element that unifies all aspects of a home security system. At Habitec Security, our award-winning Central Station monitoring plays a pivotal role in ensuring all our security devices work in harmony. Our Central Station is manned around the clock by professional teams trained to monitor alerts from your home’s security systems. This constant vigilance is crucial, especially for monitoring your house while you’re away, as it ensures prompt detection and response to any security or environmental alerts.

Our team’s responsiveness is central to the effectiveness of our monitoring service. Upon receiving an alert — be it from a burglar alarm, fire detection, or an environmental sensor — we act immediately. Our goal is to minimize response times, whether that involves contacting you or emergency services.

This swift action is particularly vital during holidays or in your absence, providing you with the assurance that your home is under the watchful eye of experts ready to respond instantly for your safety and security. With Habitec Security, rest assured that your home security is actively managed and fully protected.

Is Your Home Not Secure? Habitec Security Can Help!

Securing your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the security technology in place, you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind. Habitec Security specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

Our systems offer all the benefits you need in a complete home security system, ensuring that your home remains safe and secure during the holiday season and beyond. With Habitec Security, you’re not just protecting your home; you’re ensuring a stress-free and joyous holiday experience.

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