The coronavirus has forced major changes for business owners across the world. One major shift is the importance of verifying the health of your staff and customers every time they walk through the door. Many businesses are turning to tools like non-contact thermometers, but even these can put testers at risk and can disrupt the normal flow of operations.

What’s a safer option to consider? Thermal temperature cameras! Read on to learn more about the benefits of thermographic cameras for detecting an elevated temperature.

What Are Thermal Imaging Cameras?

These security cameras use thermal imaging technology to identify differences in infrared or thermal radiation. They convert the radiation into electrical signals and produce a visualization that allows us to see people, animals or objects based on how much heat they’re producing. These cameras are used in many applications! Firefighters use handheld models to help see through smoke in burning buildings, they’re used in a variety of military applications, and businesses are now finding out how useful they can be for security and liability reasons! Thermographic cameras can integrate with existing security camera systems and offer a new way for businesses to monitor their property.

How Businesses Are Using Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Temperatures

With COVID-19, one of the most prominently identifiable symptoms is a fever. While not all cases present this way, a majority of non-asymptomatic ones do. For this reason, many businesses and even state governments have made it a requirement to test the temperature for employees entering a business. However, this can present some hurdles:

  • Temperature taking slows down business operations
  • Standard thermometers aren’t safe to reuse over and over
  • Non-contact thermometers still put testers at risk and require dedicating staff time to testing
  • Business owners may struggle to convince all customers to allow direct temperature testing if necessary

Fortunately, thermographic cameras avoid all these problems.

Accurate Temperature Tracking

The software in our thermal imaging cameras provides two highly-accurate options for tracking temperature. The options give you the ability to see someone’s temperature at a margin of error of only +/-.5 degree to +/-.9 degrees, depending on the system you use.

These cameras are currently waiting on FDA approval, but are recommended by the CDC as a means to help business owners minimize risk factors for their business.

Mass Screening

Specialized software in our thermographic cameras takes care of identifying the temperature in every person clearly walking through its field of vision. This means you don’t need to dedicate an employee to standing at every entrance with a thermometer to keep an eye on potential staff or customers with fevers.

Manual temperature taking can become a major efficiency problem for businesses with many employees. And essential businesses with high foot traffic, like grocery stores, may otherwise find it impossible to be vigilant for customers with fevers. By using thermal cameras, one person can monitor several entrances with constant foot traffic without interrupting employees or customers!

Monitoring systems can be set up to provide push notifications and alerts when certain events are triggered. For instance, if a camera identifies someone with a temperature above a certain threshold, you can put protocol in place to address the situation.


One of the greatest advantages of using cameras for elevated temperature detection is the safety it provides to the business. Because no interaction is required directly from a temperature taker to an employee or customers, it minimizes the threat of transmission for airborne viruses like COVID-19.

Our dedicated team of highly-trained security professionals can help you plan the best place for setting up a camera, and potentially a thermal imaging checkpoint, for your business!

Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Offer Other Benefits?

Another important thing for business owners to think of is long-term benefits for their company. Non-contact thermometers are a popular solution, but most businesses won’t have a need for them after the pandemic is over. On the other hand, thermal imaging cameras provide benefits to businesses even after we return to normal operations:

Automated Traffic Counting

Every business benefits from intelligent analytics in their buildings. Knowing how many people enter your business every day can provide you with important information for increasing profits, reducing costs and updating how you manage your company!

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to simplify the process of counting people entering and exiting your business.

Facial Recognition

Thermal imaging is often a more reliable way to make use of facial recognition technology. From access control to security, a thermographic security camera can make the difference in dark settings or when potential threats take steps to mask their identity.

Illnesses Are Always Present

While we’re all awaiting the eventual end of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not the only health threat businesses face. Flu season happens every year and medical researchers are continuing to warn of the potential for new threats like the coronavirus.

Being prepared makes it easier for your business to maintain operations as close to normal as possible. If another pandemic were to arise, or your business wants to reduce the risk of interoffice virus transmission, thermographic cameras can keep you safe all year round.

General Security

Lastly, thermographic cameras are an incredible supplement to existing monitored security systems. They give you an additional tool in the constant fight against criminal threats like burglars or vandalism.

While many modern cameras have modes to help see in low-light environments, thermal imaging cameras are often considered more reliable for catching motion when visibility is low. It’s easier for a burglar to blend in with the shadows, but it’s nearly impossible for the average person to hide their heat signature!

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