Smartphones can give you a lot of information when you receive a call. From the phone number of the caller to even their name, it’s an instant screening device to know who’s reaching out to you. With a video doorbell, you can get the same level of information for who’s at your door – even if you aren’t home!

Read on to learn the benefits of a video doorbell for your home, and how it can protect your home or family.

Habitec Security’s Video Doorbell is Packed with Features

Getting the best security includes getting the right video doorbell for your home. Every video doorbell installed by Habitec Security includes:

Built-In Analytics – State of the art technology increases accuracy and provides instant notifications when motion is detected by our video doorbell

Dual Antennas – A video doorbell needs strong WiFi reception to stay functional, the dual antennas included give it a strong connection to your local network

Unique Touchless Feature – Visitors can activate your video doorbell without touching it, making it easier for busy delivery workers to alert you to their presence or to help avoid transmission of illnesses like COVID-19

Expanded Vertical View – Many video doorbells have limited vertical fields of vision, but our doorbell provides an incredible horizontal and vertical picture to make sure it captures all the details of who is at your door

Benefits of a Video Doorbell for Your Home

Reduce Exposure Risks During the Pandemic

One of the biggest benefits of a video doorbell right now is the additional line of defense it gives your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. With direct contact being the primary exposure risk for catching the coronavirus, it can be dangerous to simply answer the door to a stranger. However, visitors at your door could be anything from a salesperson to a neighbor or family member in need of immediate help!

A video doorbell lets you politely answer the door – no matter who is there – without coming in direct contact with a potential COVID-19 carrier. This lets you check to see who’s there safely, especially if you’re expecting a visitor like a repairperson or family member.

Screen Visitors to Avoid Interruptions

In addition to the pandemic risk, sometimes you simply don’t have time to deal with every person who comes to your door unsolicited. If you’re busy working in your home, cooking, cleaning, or just enjoying your favorite TV show, it can be annoying to be interrupted to go answer the door just to tell a stranger “No, thank you” and return to what you were doing.

A video doorbell acts as an instant screen for who is there, accessible from your mobile phone. So if you’re sitting on the couch or in the kitchen, as long as your phone is nearby, you can quickly see who is at the door and decide if you want to chat.

Checking who is at the door doesn’t require you to acknowledge you’re there, either. You can simply see who is on the camera and choose to talk to them or not. If it’s obviously a salesperson or someone else you’re not interested in talking to, they’ll be none the wiser.

Appear at Home – Even When You’re Not

One unique benefit of a video doorbell is it lets you answer the door even if you’re not home! This can come in handy for all sorts of reasons:

Protect Your Children

When your children reach the age where they can be home alone, they don’t always follow instructions like not answering the door. With a video doorbell, if you’re out and about with the kids at home, you can still handle the task of answering the door and making sure they don’t have any reason to check who’s ringing the doorbell. You’ll be able to keep your children away from danger, and if it’s a friend or family member who is supposed to be there, you can always quickly call or text your children to let them know!

Prevent Break-ins

A surprising number of break-ins happen right through the front door! And before they attempt to make it into your home, they often consider ringing the doorbell or knocking to see if anyone is home. When your house is empty, it’s at its most vulnerable. An alarm system is a great way to protect your home, but a video doorbell can help too!

If a burglar tests your home’s occupancy by ringing the doorbell, you can respond as if you’re home! In most cases, this is enough to make the burglar think twice. Even if they know it’s a remote answer, they’ll know they’re on camera and move on.

Deter Porch Pirates

With the holidays just around the corner, and with a heavy online shopping year expected, there’s bound to be plenty of presents arriving at your doorstep. While the season can be joyous, it can also be frustrating if you go to receive a package only to realize it’s already gone.

Porch pirates are a common threat in even the nicest neighborhoods. But the last thing any thief wants to do is get caught in the act – which is exactly what a video doorbell will do. By capturing video the moment it detects motion, your doorbell will act as a deterrent similar to a surveillance camera system. And it’s pointed right at your front door, where most packages are left!

Record Important Footage for Investigations

In the event a criminal does break into your home or steal something from your porch, you’ll have high quality video evidence recorded and saved. Crimes taking place when you’re away can be hard for police to solve, but video evidence can give them a major lead to work with – ranging from a description of the intruder all the way to you recognizing who they are!

This evidence can turn a potentially challenging investigation into one which takes no time at all to find the perpetrator and recover anything you’ve lost. It can be critical for the case to prosecute them too, making your video doorbell a star witness to protect you or work as information to provide to insurance to make sure your claim isn’t denied.

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