Home security is becoming more important as the world grows more dangerous. A home security system provides peace of mind for all homeowners, but it especially provides extra security for seniors. In addition to the peace of mind that a home security system offers, a monitored home security system is more secure than an unmonitored system.

With many senior citizens living on their own, home security is more important than ever. A monitored home security system can provide a high level of protection.

Read on to learn about 4 key benefits of monitored home security systems for seniors living at home.

Protection from Burglary

Whether you’re a senior living alone, with a spouse, or you’re thinking of getting a home security system for your parents, they may feel safer knowing that someone is keeping an eye on their home at all times.

Few things help a homeowner feel more comfortable by setting up a monitored home security system. The modern, user-friendly systems from Habitec Security offer not just home security, but also give you peace of mind that any break-in or emergency is being handled quickly.

Seniors are often a target for burglars because they believe that there’s less chance of a conflict in the home, and the potential for valuables can be higher. Home security for seniors starts by adding a layer of protection that no burglar can ignore – an alert system actively monitored by trained professionals like those at our Central Station.

Monitored Fire Safety

Home security systems are designed to protect against more than just home invaders. They’re also critical parts of common home hazard safety like fires! Seniors are more at risk for house fires than other age groups, and that’s why we want to make them aware of the common dangers related to fire hazards.

A home security system can reduce the risk of fire in many ways. One of the most important things a monitored system can do is alert the homeowner to a fire hazard before it becomes inescapable. The faster someone in the home responds to a fire, the better their chances of getting out safely.

Secondly, fire detection systems tied into your monitored home security can dramatically improve response times for firefighters. In addition to making it more likely to escape the fire safely, this can reduce the chances of the home being completely lost – along with valuable, potentially irreplaceable belongings inside.

Alerts for Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It’s produced whenever any fuel is burned, which is why it’s a common byproduct of home furnaces, ranges, and fireplaces. CO poisoning is a leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States, and protection from this deadly gas is one of the main benefits of home security for seniors.

Seniors are especially susceptible to the effects of CO poisoning, especially those with respiratory problems or heart issues. A monitored home security system can alert you to the presence of CO in your home, and even tell you how many parts per million (ppm) of CO are in your home. This will give you time to call for help and get to safety.

Home Automation Solutions

With the rapid growth of the older population in the U.S., security measures are becoming more important than ever. In fact, the Administration on Aging estimates that by 2050, the number of people aged 65 and older will double from today’s number. If you are the parent of a senior, you know that the loss of independence is one of the biggest challenges facing your aging loved one.

Home automation can help make independence easier. Certain benefits include:

Temperature Control – A comfortable home makes for a comfortable life. Controlling your home thermostat remotely gives seniors greater control over their home. Likewise, these tools can help ensure the home is a safe environment in extreme temperatures, even before they get home!

Smart Lights – Home automation systems can control lights in your home. For seniors, where a fall is often more than just a fall, maintaining good visibility in the home is necessary.

Remote Lock Control – Getting locked out of your home may seem like a nuisance, but it can be dangerous too. Extreme weather or temperatures, inability to access medications, or other risks are potential problems when someone cannot enter their home. Forgetting your keys isn’t as big of a deal when you have a backup control for your locks with a mobile device.

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