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In these times, it’s important for schools to take the safety and security of their students and staff more seriously. School security systems are a critical backbone of establishing the school grounds as a safe place for learning, socializing and fun. But many school security systems can’t monitor all the risks students may experience during their education – which is where Habitec’s new Smart Detection Sensors for schools can help! 

Smart Detection Sensors 

Protecting schools presents a unique challenge due to the large variety of potential problems and risks. Common issues at school include those like bullying and vaping. Now more than ever, parents and educators alike are concerned about violent events like shootings. 

But those are just some of the threats that schools need to protect their students against. Like any building, schools can also experience general hazards from chemical spills, gas leaks, fires or even mold! 

Habitec’s Smart Detection Sensors are a single solution designed to give schools the resources they need to keep an eye across the building to catch or prevent most issues that put their students or staff at risk. With real-time alerts, security and staff at your school can stay on top of any threat across the school grounds.  

Vape Detection 

Smoking in school has been a problem for decades, but vaporizers are a new technology to make it far more challenging for staff to catch or prevent students from smoking. The Smart Detection Sensors can be placed in common vaping grounds, such as locker rooms, bathrooms and even throughout classrooms. When the sensors identify vaping, an alert can be sent to staff to take action. 

While some existing detectors may be able to help prevent smoking, the Smart Sensor is the only option that catches everything from common nicotine vaping to THC oil. This provides the staff with more tools to protect students from drugs and to prevent other students from being subjected to second-hand smoke or peer pressure. 

Abnormal Sound Detection 

Vaping is not the only problem ubiquitous to schools in Ohio and Michigan, along with the rest of the country. Bullying and harassment are common issues students face at all age levels, in both public and private school settings. 

One of the largest challenges for educators who want to eliminate bullying is always trying to keep an eye on students, throughout the entirety of the school. Most bullying takes place in areas where students are alone – such as in locker rooms, stairwells, or empty classrooms. 

While most school security systems detect general threats like smoke or fire, Habitec’s Smart Sensors can listen for sounds that may signal bullying or fighting. Everything from listening for specific keywords to hearing loud voices or other aggressive behavior can be tracked in hard to monitor areas. This will allow education staff to have an easier time understanding and responding to anything disrupting a student’s ability to feel safe and comfortable in their school. 

Chemical, Gas & Smoke Detection 

While the features of the Smart Sensors help with unique issues, they also provide much of the coverage you would expect from any school security system device. One primary aspect of ensuring student safety? Protection against harmful chemicals, gas, and smoke! 

The Smart Sensor can detect excessive amounts of chemicals like these in the air: 

  • Ammonia 
  • Carbon Monoxide 
  • Carbon Dioxide 
  • Nitrogen 

Our security experts can help you identify the best place to include smart sensors to identify these risks as soon as possible for clean-up or evacuation if needed. 

Vandalism Prevention 

An added benefit of the chemical sensors in Habitec’s Smart Sensors is the ability to identify byproducts of spray paint. Spray paint vandalism is often disruptive to students, can be a health hazard, and is not always easy to remove. 

If sensors in areas of the school more prone to spray painting, the staff can reduce the likelihood of vandalism by keeping these zones monitored 24/7. 

Temperature, Humidity & Moisture Tracking 

Not all school security systems include tracking for potential issues to indirectly affect student health. Uncomfortable temperatures, high-levels of humidity or excessive moisture can lead to problems. 

Habitec’s Smart Sensors give your school security system the ability to alert you when these levels extend past acceptable norms. By placing sensors in bathrooms and locker rooms, you can solve these problems before they become health hazards! 

One Part of a Full Suite of School Security Systems 

Habitec’s Smart Sensors are an amazing addition for any school, but to maximize the safety of students and staff, it’s recommended to include them with a full suite of security devices. Habitec also offers several other types of custom-designed security systems to work with your school in mind: 

Security Cameras 

Remote security cameras provide two major benefits to your school: they act as a deterrent and they provide you with an instant look at any part of the school grounds you need. Even small schools are often too large for monitors to actively be everywhere they need to be, and students are adept at finding corners of the building to hide. With security cameras, you can track, monitor and record areas to prevent dangerous behavior or activities. 

Habitec’s security cameras for businesses provide everything from remote access to active Video Monitoring to provide alerts and automatically records an area where an alarm is triggered. Not only does this help you catch problems fast, it reduces false alarms! 

Access Control 

Not everywhere in your school should be accessible to everyone inside. Staff-only rooms, storage rooms with hazardous chemicals and other areas need to be off-limits to students or staff who have no business there. For many schools, a solution more advanced than keys and basic locks is needed. 

An access control system lets you manage access throughout a building from a centralized location. This includes options like remotely locking or unlocking doors, keeping logs of visitors from any entrance, and ensuring certain rooms are inaccessible to anyone without the proper identification. 

Including access control for your school security system can help in lockdown situations, prevent lockouts for teachers or staff, and to keep an eye on student activity throughout the building. 

Alarm Systems 

Lastly, no building should be without an alarm system. This is especially true for school security systems, where hundreds or even thousands of people are traveling to and from each day. Alarm systems provide you with the ability to quickly alert the authorities if the building is accessed when it’s closed, or even if emergency doors are opened when they shouldn’t be. 

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