Seniors and those with life-threatening conditions can feel trapped between the needs to stay independent and stay safe. Potential risks from low blood sugar to falls and everything in between can make life stressful if you’re living on your own. That’s where a medical alert device can change everything for the better – improving your safety, security, and satisfaction with life!

Read on to learn the benefits of a medical alert device for you or a loved one, including the unique features that come with our very own Mobile Medical Alert system!

Instant Assistance When You Need It

When accidents happen, help needs to be on the way immediately. Trips and falls can leave you unable to move even a few feet to reach a phone or otherwise call for help. With a medical alert device, you don’t have to go anywhere to get help dispatched to you. With the simple press of a button on your Mobile Medical Alert System, you will have instant access to a Care Specialist if you need help.  The specialist will assess the situation and send out emergency services if needed.

Safety Anywhere You Go

Life never slows down, and neither should you! An active life keeps you healthy, and that means walking, biking or any other activity that gets you out and about. Of course, for many, the worries of being injured when out of the house can be great, which is why a mobile medical alert device can be so beneficial for your lifestyle!

Instead of needing a home-mounted device, our mobile medical alert button goes where you go. Simply hang the pendant around your neck and feel free to enjoy the fresh air out and around your community. If an accident happens, you’ll be able to easily press the button on your pendant and get the help you need.

This freedom to travel means you can keep up with your normal weekly errands – from grocery shopping to going to the bank or anything else. Wherever you are, you’ll have our professional safety associates at-the-ready to assist you if a fall or other accident happens!

Features of Habitec’s Mobile Medical Alert Device

We’re always upgrading our services and features to provide you with the best safety and security possible. Our new Mobile Medical Alert System provides you with these additional benefits:

Two-Way Voice – Speak with a Care Specialist to make sure they understand your situation and respond appropriately

Pendant & Belt Clip Options – Not interested in wearing a pendant? The belt-clip option lets you keep your device on you either way!

5-Day Battery Life – The extended lifetime on our device gives you more time to focus on your daily life and less stress making sure your device is charged.

Enhanced Fall Detection – This optional addition for your medical alert device can make sure help is on the way even if you are unable to press the alert button.

Vibration Feedback – If you’re visually or hearing impaired, vibration feedback can make sure you know you’re safe

Text-to-Locate – With just one text message, caregivers can identify your location to send help even if you’re away from your home

Why Would I Need a Medical Alert Device?

Statistics show that about one in four people over 65 will suffer a fall each year. These falls can be minor, or they can be major incidents that leave you alone with a major injury! Once you’ve experienced a fall, your risk of another one increases dramatically.

Whether you’ve already experienced a fall or simply understand the risk, the biggest problem is finding safety without sacrificing independence. Everyone deserves to live their best life – and for many, that isn’t in an assisted-living facility or with in-home care. A medical alert device bridges the gap by providing you instantly accessible help whenever you need it, while letting you enjoy the independent life you’ve grown accustomed to over the years!

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A Habitec technician will install, test and train you on your Mobile Medical Alert System. We want you to feel comfortable with the use of your life safety system.

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