Protecting outdoor assets at your business is one of the most challenging parts of security. Old solutions have included everything from security guards to passive video surveillance you can review after an incident has occurred. But what if you could be alerted to risks to your outdoor assets in real time? That’s the benefit of an intelligent video monitoring system from Habitec Security!

After watching the video above, read on to learn more about intelligent video monitoring systems and how they can protect your business.

Habitec Security and SightLogix Smart Thermal Cameras

Security cameras and video surveillance aren’t new concepts for business. But the technology behind them continues to improve, which means your old security camera system may not be providing the best protection you can get. That’s why Habitec has partnered with a leading security camera provider to establish the best active video monitoring system you can get for your business!

The technology behind our security cameras, and the software that drives them, truly take security camera performance to the next level with:

  • Industry leading detection distance
  • Accurate analytics to identify people, no animals
  • Reliable outdoor performance night and day
  • Simple user interface for easy management

How Habitec’s Intelligent Video Monitoring Systems Protect You

Active Monitoring with Live Alerts

A security camera alone is a great tool for your business, but when it comes to protecting your assets, dynamic intelligent monitoring is what makes the key difference.

Our smart video cameras will identify and track motion on your property. When a person enters the field of view, the camera will actively track them and trigger an alert that someone is moving through your property. In the off hours of your business, this can automatically send a notification that your business is being trespassed upon.

This offers two major benefits for your business:

Improved Response Times – Video verified alarms have been shown to reduce response times from law enforcement significantly. In some cases, responses that would take 10 to 30 minutes instead happen in just 2-5 minutes. This is because a video verified alarm can act as a confirmation to police that a crime is in progress, instead of identifying an issue after the fact. By stopping the crime in progress, you can reduce the risk of theft or damage on your property.

Reduced False Alarms – False alarms are a big issue in the security world. Not only are they annoying for business owners, they can divert important law enforcement resources away from real crimes happening in your area. Better video monitoring reduces false alarms, helping keep your community safer and making police more likely to respond in a timely fashion.

Functional in Extreme Conditions

Thermal video offers unique benefits over standard security cameras. The most important of which is that they function in almost any environment.

Low/No Light Conditions – Thermal cameras don’t need light to capture activity. Unlike regular cameras, which either see normally or attempt to amplify limited amounts of light, thermal cameras pick up heat signatures as they move through the sightline of the camera. Day or night, your camera will capture anyone that attempts to trespass onto your property.

Weather – Extreme weather is an issue for normal cameras. Heavy rain, snow, or fog can partially or completely obscure a security camera system. Thermal cameras are able to see through these weather conditions, which prevents burglaries under the cloak of bad weather.

Ignore Sun & Reflections – Another issue with normal cameras is direct light shining into the camera, whether from the sun or reflections. Given the right circumstances, these strong lights aimed directly into a normal camera can render them ineffective, but thermal cameras won’t be affected.

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