To some, the idea of investing in a robust home security system may sound pricey. But in reality, the already affordable costs of a monitored security system come with a host of financial benefits you may have not realized! While most home owners know you can receive home insurance discounts with security systems, there are plenty of other ways you’ll save in the long run by protecting your property with a reliable, modern security system like ours at Habitec Security!

Do Security Systems Really Lower Home Insurance Prices?

In most cases, yes! Insurance providers are always looking at their risk associated with your property. By adding a security system to your home, you’re reducing your likelihood of claims significantly. In fact, the average policyholder can save up to 8 percent on their coverage with a modern security system like ours!

It’s more than just about burglary, too. Home security systems like Habitec’s integrate with carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, and can even come with flood alerts too! All of these protections mean you’re less likely to experience a costly disaster and need to make a claim. That knocks off a big part of your insurance bill every year.

Security Systems Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Every feature for your home is a unique selling point for when you’re ready to put it on the market. And these days, a home security system pre-installed can be a very tempting bonus for anyone looking to move in! After all, by buying a home that comes pre-installed with a security system, they’ll be enjoying a state-of-the-art security system with no installation fee!

The more advanced your security suite is, the more it can help with selling! From security cameras to home automation features, you’ll be able to include these benefits in your pitch and increase the asking price for your home.

Security Systems Stop Burglaries

Of course, the real home insurance discount with security systems is saving yourself the big expense associated with a burglary! A home security system can help you catch would-be thieves red-handed, and can even help prevent burglars from targeting your home!

Research shows that most burglaries are committed by first-time criminals, meaning they won’t necessarily be ready to handle a modern security system that they have to bypass. And if they do manage to get through your system, then you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that reliable home monitoring will alert the authorities and help stop them in their tracks before they can do too much damage!

A burglary can cost you a great deal more than just replacing a few lost valuables. While electronics and other expensive gadgets are a popular target in burglaries, so are your irreplaceable heirlooms like jewelry, art, or other collectibles. On top of that, you’ll be looking at repairs for how they broke in and any damage they caused while attempting to find your most valuable items. A burglar in your home for just a few minutes can easily turn into tens of thousands of dollars in damages and losses. Home security systems dramatically reduce this risk!

Home Security Minimizes Damage in Disasters

Whether it’s smoke damage, flooding, or fire, a home disaster is expensive. While your home owner’s insurance policy can often offset many of the expenses, between the deductible, lost time, and potentially irreplaceable losses, it’s best to minimize the damage instead of relying on insurance.

By installing monitored smoke and fire detectors, Habitec’s award-winning Central Station can alert emergency services quickly following a confirmed alert in your home. That means faster response times and reduced damage.

Save on Energy Bills

Home automation is a core part of modern security systems. This means you can control your home when you’re on the go! One of the biggest costs of home ownership is keeping it comfortable when you’re at home. But when you’re at work or on vacation, you don’t need the house to be at it’s ideal temperature.

Using home automation, you can let the house warm up a bit in the summer months or stay a bit cooler in the winter, and then use your device to kick in the central air before you get home. To you, the house will feel perfect the moment you arrive, but you’ll have saved yourself from heating or cooling an empty home for a majority of the day!

Start Saving with Habitec Security

Just think about the other ways your investment in a home security system will pay off, from lower energy bills to added convenience of living. With a home security system like Habitec Security’s, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your home are protected, even while you’re away.

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