Home security systems are designed to keep your home and family safe from burglars and intruders. However, sometimes these systems can cause false alarms that can be disruptive and even frightening. False alarms can be caused by a variety of factors, all of which Habitec Security goes out of their way to prevent.

While false alarms are usually not a cause for major concern, they can be annoying or scary, so it’s important to understand what causes them and how to prevent them. To avoid home security false alarms, we’ll help you understand the most common causes are and how to prevent them.

Why Home Security False Alarms are a Problem

Home security false alarms are a problem because they can cause unnecessary panic and wasted resources. Imagine coming home from a night out with friends only to find the police there because of a false burglar alarm. Not only are your nerves shot, but you may also be stuck paying for false alarm fees based on your city. In Toledo, Ohio, for example, multiple false alarms can trigger fines with incremental fees for each additional occurrence.

In some cases, people have even been injured as a result of a false alarm. However, it’s not just people who live at the property who are effected by home security false alarms. Police and fire fighters can be hurt by these as well, not to mention the pets that homeowners are trying to protect.

They also tie up emergency services that could be better used elsewhere. In 2017 for example, 9.5 million security alarm calls were placed, and 30% of false alarms were caused by children accidentally tripping alarms. Having to dispatch firefighters, police, and paramedics to false alarms is costly, time-consuming, and frustrating.

What Causes Home Security False Alarms?

Homeowner Mistakes

User error is a common cause of home security false alarms. Forgetting to disarm the system is one-way homeowners may accidentally trigger their alarms. Other common user error causes are leaving windows or doors open. The intrusion detection system in the home security system is designed to detect unwanted activity.

Many security systems can notify the homeowner if the doors and windows are open or if motion is detected when setting the alarm.  This helps avoid the issue entirely.


Another way that home security systems can be accidentally triggered is the pets sharing your home. This is because pets are curious creatures and they often love to explore new places or climb anywhere they can reach. When exploring, pets may find themselves inadvertently triggering a home security system.

Larger pets can also cause false alarms when moving around. For example, when a dog is running around your home or outside at night, it may accidentally get picked up by a sensor, triggering the alarm.

Habitec Security uses modern security sensors that are better at avoiding false alarms from pets to avoid this annoyance. Using state-of-the-art technology, our cameras can determine when motion looks like it belongs to an animal instead of a human intruder, and avoids triggering an alert.

DIY Security Systems

Security systems are a good investment, but DIY systems aren’t as foolproof as they may sound. As a homeowner, installing one of these may give you peace of mind, however, these systems can be prone to false alarms. Many factors go into modern security systems like those provided by Habitec Security. DIY systems may not be using the latest technology, or may use outdated software that is more likely to be triggered erroneously.

Additionally, DIY security systems are, as the name implies, installed by you! While the systems may seem easy enough to install, you likely aren’t as experienced in how to place alarms and sensors in their most effective positions. Minor mistakes may not affect the system right away, but could lead to issues like false alarms, like placing a motion sensor in an area where environmental factors can cause it to sense motion.

Habitec Security Makes It Easy to Avoid False Alarms

With state of the art technology, expert installation technicians, and 24/7 monitoring, Habitec Security offers home security systems that are less likely than your average system to cause false alarms. Combined with our renowned customer support, we’re always ready to help you understand and get the most out of your security system so you can enjoy peace of mind at home or when you’re away.

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