Warmer days are finally here, and you’re ready to jump headfirst into spring! Fresh air, fun in the sun, and everyone’s favorite: spring cleaning. Not only is this a great time to give your home a deep clean, it’s your opportunity to do a safety check. With all the time you’ll be spending outdoors, you’ll want to stay safety conscious to protect your home and family. Before you pull out your gardening gloves, take a few minutes to read our safety tips for spring.

Smiling woman watering colorful flowers in her gardenIndoor Spring Safety Tips

Keeping your home safe is more than just keeping out intruders. While you’re spring cleaning, take these steps to help minimize risk factors in your home

#1. Prevent Flooding

April showers can bring more than just flowers. Water damage has no quick fix, so when the rain starts pouring, you need to be confident your home is protected from taking on excess water. Even the best sump pumps can fail, and it only takes minutes for your home to begin flooding when it happens.

With home environmental monitoring, even when you’re away, you’ll be notified if flooding or a sump pump overflow is detected. It even lets you know when the power goes out – which can affect your sump pump too, if it doesn’t have a backup battery.

#2. Check Your Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These devices are critical for home safety and should be checked frequently.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), three out of every five home fire deaths happen in homes without working fire and smoke alarms.  Test them and replace the batteries if necessary. Don’t rely on low-battery warnings to make sure your alarms are functional! Integrate a Habitec fire alarm system, monitored 24/7, with your home security system for enhanced protection.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas with serious health implications – including the possibility of death. You should always have a monitored carbon monoxide detector for this dangerous gas; it’s impossible to detect without a detector until you begin to show the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

#3. Prevent Injury by Removing Slip & Fall Hazards

Every home tends to gather clutter over time. Sometimes it’s toys from when you last watched the grandkids, other times it’s a box in the living room you simply haven’t gotten around to putting away. Spring cleaning is the ideal time to remove the items to most frequently cause falls.

Taking the proper precautions can drastically reduce your risk of injury from tripping or falls. However, even a spotless house can still be full of things to trip over. Stay safe by making sure you’re never in a position where you can’t call for help if you need it. A Habitec medical alert system keeps emergency help right at your fingertips, letting you enjoy worry-free independence.

Outdoor Spring Safety Tips

Keeping your home safe isn’t just an indoor activity. When you’re done inside and ready to enjoy some time in the sun, follow our outdoor safety tips for spring:

#1. Keep Your Lawn & Shrubs Well-Maintained

Burglars prefer an easy target. Unusually high grass can be an indicator your home is vacant or you’re on an extended vacation. Keeping your grass cut can prevent your home from being singled out.

It’s also important to trim shrubs near your home. Overgrown bushes near a door or window can hide a potential invader, allowing them to take their time when breaking in.

#2. Install Motion Lights & Cameras

Motion activated outdoor lights are a great deterrent for nighttime burglars. Set them up so most of your home’s perimeter is protected in the case of movement.

A video surveillance system is one of the best ways to protect your home on the outside. Not only are the cameras a strong deterrent, they can also aid law enforcement if a break-in occurs. Learn about the perks of a Habitec Security surveillance system – such as letting you access your cameras online, no matter where you are!

#3. Keep Your Home Locked While You’re Outside

If you’re in the backyard mowing the lawn, it’s impossible for you to hear someone walk through your front door, grab your laptop off the desk, and walk away. With as much time as you’ll be spending outside, make sure to keep your home and garage doors locked. The same goes for your windows!

Don’t forget to arm your security system! Even if you’ll only be outside for 20 minutes, it just takes a second to turn on the alarm and prevent an intrusion. This will let you focus on the task at hand, instead of trying to keep one eye on your house while you’re hard at work tending to your yard.

#4. Automate Your Home

Are you heading out on vacation?  Spring is a popular time to take a trip for rest and relaxation. Automating your home is a great way to ensure peace of mind when you’re away. Whether you can’t remember if you locked the doors, or you just want to lower the thermostat remotely while your house is vacant, Habitec Security’s home automation integrates with our home security systems for maximum control and protection of your home.

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