The holidays are full of wonder and cheer. However, not everyone is out to spread happiness during the season. Burglars are out in force, and with the increase in crime to happen during this time of year, it’s prudent to focus on home security to ensure a safe and happy holiday season. With the right knowledge and tools, holiday burglary prevention doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top recommendations to help you protect your new gifts from thieves.

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Lock Down Your Home

Defend your home against potential thieves by making it difficult and unappealing to target. Since many families travel for the holidays, it’s critical to have security in place so you don’t return to a home that has experienced a break in.

Install a Security System

There’s still no better way to protect your home than a monitored security system. Simply having a security system reduces your risk. It acts as a deterrent and discourages burglars from targeting you. If a break-in does occur, it can further prevent theft or damage by making the thief flee instead of stick around when they hear the alarm. Most importantly, Habitec Security’s alarm systems are monitored; if the alarm is set off, you’ll be contacted and help can be sent if you’re in danger.

Keep Gifts Away from Windows

After you wrap up your holiday shopping, you may be tempted to put your gifts on display. If you stick them under your beautifully decorated tree, it makes it easier for burglars to spot them. Keep them far away from the tree until you’re ready to begin your holiday events. Even if you don’t have a tree, make sure you store your gifts somewhere secure and out of sight. Gift-wrapped boxes are the top target for any thief, since it’s a good indicator its contents are new and often expensive.

Get a Porch Camera

A lot of holiday shoppers are checking off their list with online stores. If you plan to buy your gifts online, don’t become a victim of porch theft. It only takes a few seconds for someone to walk up and take a package. Security cameras facing your porch, or motion-activated porch cameras, can make the thief think twice before swiping your delivery.

Hide Boxes to Avoid Making Yourself a Target

Thieves don’t take a break on December 26th. After the holidays are all over, be careful how you advertise your new gadgets and gifts. If you can’t fit their boxes into a garbage bag or container where they’ll be hidden, consider breaking them down into smaller pieces or waiting until the last minute to take your garbage out. When a thief walks past a home with an empty TV box or the latest tablet, they might choose to target your home next.

Use Home Automation to Keep Watch Over Your House

When you install the latest home automation devices in your house, you gain more than just convenience. They offer you control and peace of mind, even if you’re visiting the relatives hundreds of miles away. Control the lights in your home to give the appearance people are there. If you’re worried about your locks, an automated home lets you check on them and lock them remotely. And if your house has security cameras installed, you can access them from your mobile device to check up on things.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Holiday Gifts

Your holiday gifts are the top target for thieves. But while burglary prevention for your home isn’t always enough to keep you and your gifts safe! Here are some additional holiday tips to protect yourself.

Don’t Leave Gifts Visible in Your Car

If you plan to hop from store to store to check off your gift list, make sure to keep your gifts out of plain sight. The holidays are hectic and it only takes a minute for someone to smash a car window and grab your gifts. Keep them low or under the seats if it’s possible. For sedans, your trunk is always the safest choice. For SUVs with visible trunk space, keep them covered to make your gifts less of an easy target.

Be Careful with Online Shopping

Stick to reputable sites, pay attention to your credit card statements. Fake online retailers prey on consumers looking for the best deals or hard-to-find products. If it sounds too good to be true, it always is. Not only will they not send you the gift you were expecting, you may become a victim of credit card fraud.

Record the Serial Numbers for Your New Devices

Most new electronics have serial numbers on them. If you take pictures and record these, it can greatly improve your chances of recovering any stolen items. Without them, even if the thieves are arrested, it can be difficult to prove they belong to you.

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Protect Your Home Habitec Security’s Monitored Security Systems

Keep you and your gifts safe this holiday season. If you need a security system for your home, our experts can design a system for your security needs and back by award-winning, 24-hour local monitoring in Ohio and Michigan. Contact us today!

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