Safety and security are always at the top of your mind. But a lot of what you think you know about residential break-ins and home theft might not be true! The FBI and other law enforcement agencies release information to help us understand burglary facts and dispel common myths. Knowing the difference between fact or fiction helps you understand how to best protect your family and your home.

Common Burglary Myths

Myth: Burglars Wait for the Dark of Night to Sneak In

The image of the typical burglar involves someone dressed in all black, with a mask and sack ready to fill with valuables from your home. They sneak in at night while you sleep and, in the morning, you wake only to realize your possessions are gone!

In reality, burglars want to get into your home when you aren’t there. Most people are home at night. Experienced thieves wander the neighborhood during the daytime, dressed like a jogger or someone out for a casual stroll. They’ll look for homes that don’t show signs of anti-theft precautions and find a way in. Sometimes it’s simply opening an unlocked door or window, sometimes it’s quickly smashing their way in.

This is important to know because it’s a reminder you need to keep your home safe even when you’re not there. Surveillance cameras and triggered alarms are the best way to keep an eye on your house when you’re at work or on the road.

Myth: Thieves Are After Your Expensive Electronics

It’s true big-ticket electronics are one target for home invaders. But unless it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, they won’t be the first targets. Big TVs or PC towers are bulky and hard to move. Especially with how common wall-mounted devices are now!

The real targets are pocketable, high-value items: cash and jewelry. If you keep a rainy-day fund in your home or have a large collection of jewelry, you need to protect it behind a lock.

Myth: Burglars Are Experienced Professionals


In fact, statistics suggest around 85 percent of break-ins are from non-professionals. This makes your monitored home security system more effective at discouraging them and helping catch them. Additionally, it makes monitored security more important! Desperate thieves are less likely to avoid confrontation, making them dangerous. In these situations, every second matters. A monitored security system can ensure the authorities are alerted as early as possible.

Most Surprising Burglary Facts

Now that we’ve dispelled some of the most common burglary myths, take a look at these burglary facts and statistics. They might be even more surprising!

Most Successful Burglars Go Uncaptured

Statistics show only around 13 percent of reported burglaries result in capture of the suspected thieves. The biggest reason? Lack of evidence or witnesses.

Because burglars are targeting empty households, the only thing the homeowner can say for sure is that they were burglarized! But that doesn’t mean you’re defenseless: security cameras capture thieves in the moment. This helps police identify the criminal and gives them rock-solid proof for convicting them. You’ll have the best chance at recovering your lost valuables.

There Are Over 2,000,000 Reported Burglaries Every Year in the US

No homeowner is completely safe from having a stranger enter their home with the intent to steal.

Thieves don’t pick homes at random. They look for easy targets, and there are plenty of criteria which make your home more appealing:

  • Lack of a security system
  • Overgrown bushes or other landscaping to hide behind
  • Poorly lit
  • Lack of surveillance cameras
  • Clear indication of valuables (in windows, expensive tools left outside)

That means if you aren’t taking steps to protect your home, you’re more likely to be targeted! Without security and without taking proper steps to secure your home, your chance of property damage or loss skyrockets.

Many Burglaries Are Crimes of Opportunity

Home burglaries are typically planned, even if only minimally. They scout out neighborhoods, identify easy targets and sometimes even establish an estimation of when the house is empty.

But not all burglaries are planned. In fact, convenience and opportunity play a big role in most burglaries. Thieves choose residential areas that are close by. On top of this, some burglaries happen just out of pure circumstance. If a person notices a front door left open, or tools left on the driveway or other easy targets.

For you, the homeowner, that means you need to keep up with common security practices. Close and lock your doors. Make sure your garage door is closed before you leave. Put away your tools when you’re done. And if you have a home security system, please make sure to use it!

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