The COVID-19 pandemic is introducing unique challenges for business owners across the country. As we continue to adjust to the changes from the virus and steps made to keep society safe, business owners need to adapt! Some of the biggest stress during these times is the feeling of being disconnected from your business. Fortunately, modern security systems give you the opportunity to stay right with your business, even if you can’t physically be there!

Security Alarm Systems

With businesses closed and activity at minimal levels, the potential risk for break-ins and burglaries have gone up. Some areas, like New York City, have seen a rise in commercial burglaries by up to 75 percent! If you have a business, you likely have thousands of dollars in your building right now! Between computers, tools, equipment and the products you may sell, it’s important to keep it all safe!

Worrying about the unknown is unavoidable. But you can take action! A monitored security system lets you keep tabs on your business no matter how long you’ll be away. When events happen, you’ll receive alerts to let you know. That means you can continue throughout your day without worrying if you were targeted by burglars – if you don’t receive an alert, your business is safe!

When an attempted burglary does happen, a monitored business security system is also your best bet for minimizing losses. Our Central Station reviews any triggered alarm and can contact law enforcement within seconds. Even if your business is targeted, an alarm is your best bet at scaring the burglar away or leading them to be captured in the act!

Remote Security Cameras

Knowing your business is protected is comforting, but sometimes you need to see it to believe it. Modern security cameras do more than watch your business and record – they give you the chance to remotely check on your property at any time and from anywhere. If you heard a rumor about burglaries near your business, all it takes is a few taps on your mobile device or clicks on your computer to access your security cameras!

Our security cameras:

  • Allow you to keep 30 days of recording
  • Record on alarms and motion triggers
  • Integrate into your security system
  • Offer great clarity, even in low-light environments

Use security cameras to protect your business and feel close, even if you’re at home due to the quarantine. Even beyond the pandemic, remote security camera access helps business owners feel connected to their businesses when they’re at home, on the road or taking a much-needed vacation!

Video Monitoring is another service offered by Habitec Security to use your cameras to keep your business safe. When an event triggers an alarm, our award-winning Central Station team reviews your camera footage to determine the best response. If a threat is detected, dispatchers will contact law enforcement as soon as possible. For false alarms, our team can avoid unnecessary use of local police team and manpower. This keeps businesses, including yours, safer when real crimes are happening!

Access Control

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to know what your staff is doing and where they’re going! Access control is a critical part of businesses large or small. Depending on your building or buildings, you may have rooms that are safety hazards or contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be accessed by just anyone.

Access control integrates into your business security system to do more for you:

  • Keep detailed records of employees and their locations
  • Set schedules for access to certain areas of your business
  • Remotely lock or unlock doors, elevators or other barriers

Access control logs can be important during any virus outbreak. Consider an employee who tests positive for an illness – you can use your access logs to know when they were in the building and where they went to help limit the spread of infections and speed up sterilization efforts! Likewise, you can use access control to verify that an employee who was sick was never on site, so that you can continue with your operations without worrying.

Many businesses are using access control to let their staff continue to work on site while still obeying social distancing guidelines. You can use our scheduling system to limit employees to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule and a second team for Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also limit the total number of people allowed in the building at once and use your access control system to help enforce it.

Fire Protection

Lastly, while new risks like the COVID-19 virus are the primary concern, existing hazards are still there. Many businesses, from restaurants to manufacturers continue to be risks for fires, either through accidents or due to electrical faults. Fires may even be more likely, with reduced staffing and dramatic policy changes that can distract employees from their everyday fire safety protocols.

For a business owner, the threat of a fire is a serious one. Even with adequate insurance, the longer a fire is left to burn, the longer it will take to reopen your business and the higher your chances of losing irreplaceable goods or data!

Fire detection systems, like other forms of security, are often only as good as their ability to alert emergency services. With a fire alarm system integrated into your security system, you can respond to a fire emergency as soon as it’s detected. That means faster response times from firefighters, more time to evacuate customers or staff if they’re on site, and less time for fire to damage your business!

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