From remodeling to arts and crafts, do-it-yourself projects are popular and satisfying! But not everything is well-suited for the DIY mindset – like home and business security. Planning and installing a security system can be challenging, and while DIY kits exist, they don’t always offer the best protection or service. A professional security installation makes a massive difference in the effectiveness of your system.

Learn about the benefits of professional security installations and how trusting the experts can help you avoid major DIY headaches.

Habitec’s Commitment to Your Safety

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Habitec Security continues to protect homeowners and business owners. As part of our on-going commitment to keeping you safe, our installers follow all recommended precautions to avoid health risks to you.

Every professional security installation from our team includes technicians wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and thorough disinfecting. We can accommodate your needs to ensure you, as well as your property, is fully secure every step of the way!

A Made-For-You System Provides Optimal Protection

The most important part of any home or business security system is making sure it’s designed for your property. Everything from the type of equipment you need to optimal placement for alarms and security cameras can make or break the protection your system offers. DIY security systems leave it up to you, which could mean gaps in your protection!

Before we install any system, our security experts perform an evaluation and consultation to create a unique security plan for your home or business. They’ll work with you to learn about your security concerns and explain common risks you may not have considered! When the evaluation is complete, they can recommend the ideal system for you to protect against the greatest number of threats.

You’ll Receive State-of-the-Art Equipment

Security technology is advancing every year! Systems from a few years ago could become obsolete or ineffective. A professional security installation always uses modern equipment with the most recent technology. As you continue to work with a professional monitoring service, you’ll have opportunities to upgrade or scale up your system without having to start fresh.

DIY security systems are generally sold as-is. If you want to upgrade them, you’ll have to buy the brand new models. What you do with the old models you’ll be replacing will be up to you. This means you’ll be paying more over the years, even if the upfront costs seem lower.

Get Peace of Mind with Local Monitoring

When investing in a security system, never underestimate the value of quality monitoring. While technology for security systems continues to improve, the best systems work thanks to the support of trained monitoring teams. When an intruder enters your home or a smoke alarm identifies a fire, every second counts.

Our Central Station houses locally trained professionals who know our security systems inside-and-out. Many DIY monitoring services are outsourced to centers all around the world. A professional security installation from a local company means monitoring you can trust.

Quality monitoring also helps reduces the occurrence of false alarms. False alarms are a constant problem for law enforcement across the country, impacting their ability to respond to real emergencies when they happen. They can also disrupt your entire schedule – sending you home to check on an alert or having to speak with law enforcement to explain the non-emergency.

Everything Is Guaranteed to Work

Two major issues can happen when you don’t receive a professional security installation: problems getting your new DIY system to work, or thinking it’s working when it’s really not.

DIY security systems are designed to be user friendly, but not everyone is as tech savvy as they need to be to setup a thorough network of cameras, motion sensors and working with provided mobile apps. If you aren’t comfortable working with high-tech gadgets, you may find a DIY system overwhelming – leading to problems just getting it set up in the first place!

Of course, even DIY security systems have customer support. But this doesn’t mean they offer direct technicians for help! Sometimes their support is to walk you through the process – which can be a frustrating experience if more issues arise!

Even more concerning is the potential for installing your security system and thinking you’re protected when you aren’t. Especially if your new system isn’t being monitored, you may not realize a motion detector or alarm isn’t properly setup. When this happens, you could be counting on protection you don’t have. For emergency response devices, like flood detectors or carbon monoxide detectors, it could spell disaster!

You Can Avoid Accidental Damage & Injury

A professional security installation doesn’t just avoid high-tech issues! Professionals are experienced when it comes to physically placing your new security devices around your home or business.

Security cameras, motion detectors, the control panel and other parts of your system all require mounting on walls or the exterior of your building. It’s not always easy to access these areas and inexperience could lead to holes in the wall, electrical faults or even injuries.

Some unique security devices, like video doorbells, can involve some basic wiring to permanently install too. It’s never a good idea to take electrical work into your own hand if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Some things are best left to the professionals!

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