With the country starting to look at bringing their workforce back to the office, the discussion of workplace safety is as important as ever! A year or more of work-from-home means relearning the processes and policies that keep your business safe. But you can take the challenge out of securing your building – and ensuring your employees are safe – with an access system built into your security system.

Read on to learn the benefits of an access control system and how it can help during the transition back into the office.

What Is an Access System or Access Control?

If your business doesn’t currently use an access control system, you may be unfamiliar with what they do for you. Simply put, an access control system gives you the tools to manage access throughout your building – including remote control and complete logs. This gives you unprecedented control over your business to ensure safety for your employees, prevent theft, and avoid unauthorized access to interior rooms of your building that contain critical business infrastructure or data.

Habitec Security’s modern access systems offer you the ability to:

  • Lock/Unlock Doors Remotely
  • View & Control Your Building from Our App
  • Provide Trackable Access for Staff Members
  • Build Custom Access Reports
  • And more!

How an Access System Helps You Get Back to the Office

As employees begin to return to working in the office, their safety and the safety of those who visit your property are once again an important priority. While you can’t be there 24/7, your access system can! Here are some of the major features that will play a role in getting your team back into the swing of working from the office:

Convenient Access – for Authorized Users

In a business setting, people may come and go. Depending on the frequency and type of clientele you serve, there may be hundreds of visitors each day or just a few. In either case, you want to make sure your staff has easy access to the locations they need to be. This means not worrying about remembering their key for the day! After all, they’ve been away for months or more – and showing up to the office only to realize they can’t open for the day would be a bad start for them and your business.

Similarly, while it’s important for staff to be able to move around your property easily, you don’t want visitors accessing areas that are off limits. An access control system removes the manual locking/unlocking processes that keep these areas safe from strangers. Employees can access store rooms or areas with sensitive documents without the possibility of forgetting to lock up afterward – the access control system takes care of that for you!

Reports & Logging

Running a business means anticipating problems and finding solutions. Unfortunately, when it comes to things like when staff arrives to work, if they’re following work procedures and when they leave, it can be hard for you to monitor it manually.

The data provided by an access system gives you information like when the building is accessed, by who, and even lets you monitor movement throughout the property. This lets you know if employees are having issues with their daily tasks so you can help out and find solutions that make it easier for them to do what needs to be done.

One unique use that we’ve found related to the pandemic has been the importance of knowing when and where employees were on site following a positive case. Your access control system can help you identify which other employees may have been exposed or if any customers were at risk to help make decisions for mitigating further exposure.

Even beyond the pandemic, these same steps can help mitigate things like flu outbreaks or more!

Access Control Integrates with Security Systems

Ultimately, the biggest benefit to your business, both for the return to the office and general safety is integration between your access control system and the rest of your security devices. After all, access control is just one part of the bigger picture of a full suite of security systems needed to protect your business, employees, and profitability. Access control can integrate to other systems such as:

Security System – When a door is accessed without credentials (such as being forced open) the access control system can trigger the security system’s alarm to both alert staff members and local authorities. This means fast response times for break-ins and better monitoring for the most sensitive areas of your office.

Fire Safety – Fire safety is critical because you can always lower the risks of a fire, but it’s impossible to eliminate them entirely. Access control and fire safety systems can work in tandem by unlocking doors to any exits in the event of a fire. This reduces one of the most significant risks of injury or death from a fire – being unable to evacuate the building quickly.

Security Cameras – Access control works great in tandem with your security camera system! Reviewing an entire day of recordings from your camera would be exhausting, but with access control, you can use the logs or even just review recordings triggered by events such as a door being unlocked to quickly verify who entered or exited the building and when.

Make Going Back to the Office Safe!

If your business isn’t protected by an access control system, now is a great time to upgrade your building. In addition to the safety it offers, the remote control options and convenience factors can simplify your role as a business owner when it comes to helping employees who may be locked out or unable to access a specific area of the business.

More importantly, an access system works best when integrated with a full suite of additional security features. If your business doesn’t have security alarms, security cameras, a modern fire alert system, it will be easier to install now than when employees have fully returned to on-site work.

Even if you have these systems today, you may be due for an upgrade to one or more systems. Technology is always upgrading – which is why Habitec Security provides full security evaluations to work with you to provide the best solutions for your needs.

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