In today’s business world, security is more important than ever. A good security system can mean the difference between enjoying your business or dealing with avoidable headaches. There are a few features that every business security system needs in order to be effective.

The technology behind business security systems is evolving every day. With how important your business is to you, it’s easy to understand why protecting it with a business security system is an essential. A reliable business security system should keep your company safe and give you peace of mind. That is why it’s important to find a business security system sporting the latest features designed to maximum your protection.

The 5 Core Business Security System Features

Monitored Security Cameras

Security cameras are a vital part of any security system. They provide a constant visual record of activity in and around your business. This can be an invaluable resource when investigating a crime or trying to identify a suspect.

Security cameras meet your security needs by providing a visual deterrent to would-be criminals. A well-placed camera can be all it takes to make a potential criminal think again. This includes everything from burglary to vandalism – which is another major issue many businesses face on a day-to-day basis!

But you can go a step beyond standard security cameras by incorporating monitoring into them.

Security cameras with event monitoring are incredible for avoiding false alarms. A false alarm is a problem not just for you, but for your community. Every time an alarm goes off, a lot happens. Your security team is contacted, the authorities might be sent out, and a report has to be made.

A monitored camera can identify that an alarm went off erroneously, or that the trigger was something accidental like an animal. The team watching the event can see that nothing is amiss and shut off the alarm, letting you get back to your vacation or relaxation away from the office.

Access Control System

An access control system is a system that controls who has access to a certain area or resource. This can be done through physical means, such as locks and keys, or through electronic means, such as passwords or fingerprint scanners. Access control systems are used in a variety of settings, from businesses to schools to government buildings. This is because they automate the very important process of knowing who is coming and going – and when they moved about the building.

For any business, both small offices to large production facilities, it’s critical to know who has access to your building. Random deliveries throughout the day, customers coming in and out, and employees who need to move freely through the business all present unique challenges. You need to make the building accessible for anyone who is supposed to be there, but not every person needs access to every entrance. And certain rooms should be off-limits even for employees.

Access control systems are a core part of protecting your business without you having to spend all day monitoring and managing where people are. Professional installation and set up by our trained technicians can turn your business into a location where movement is managed via automated systems, with easy tools for you to audit and review whenever you need.

Remote Access for Management

Organizations rely on remote access for all sorts of things – especially in this more remote business world we now live in. When it comes to security systems, requiring you to be on-site to interact with your security is a pain you shouldn’t need to deal with.

Modern security systems need to be built for remote access. That includes everything from being able to audit your access logs, review security cameras, or even just arm or disarm the system without you being at the worksite. This benefits small business security and massive office structures just the same!

Not only does this make it easier for you to control your business, it lets you stay involved when you may otherwise feel disconnected. If you’re on vacation, don’t let the concern of an unprotected business ruin your relaxation. Simply check in to ensure your employees armed the alarm, and get back to the fun!

Fire Alarm Integration

No business is safe from fire hazards. From restaurants to manufacturing plants that actively use heat in day-to-day tasks, to quiet office buildings with a jungle of electrical cords going every direction, fires unfortunately happen anywhere.

Fire risks to your business are threefold: they can harm your employees, they can leave your physical building unusable, and they can destroy irreplaceable stock or even documents.

Any fire alarm system is helpful, but a good security system can integrate into your fire alarm system to ensure alerts reach first responders in record time. This undoubtedly increases your chances of protecting your staff and reducing damage to your business or storage.

Comprehensive Burglary Protection

Lastly, a good security system needs to be able to deter potential criminals and to detect intruders. This can be done in a number of ways:

Alarms – The foundation of any anti-burglary or vandalism system is an alarm. While simple, security sensors and detection causing an alarm to sound off is a great deterrent, letting anyone intruding on your business know that their presence has been identified.

Live Monitoring – An alarm is just an alarm. But when it’s monitored, like we do through our award-winning Central Station, it’s also a call for immediate response. When your alarm triggers with our live monitoring service, we review the event and then determine the best course of action. We’ll contact you, and also the authorities if necessary, to ensure the most appropriate response is made quickly.

Alerting Emergency Services – A good security system needs to be able to send an alert to the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. This means knowing your professional monitoring team isn’t just reviewing your alerts, but ready to contact the authorities or fire emergency crews in the event of a legitimate incident. Habitec Security’s Central Station takes pride in its history of speedy alerts to your local services to minimize response times, protecting your business.

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