Christmas is a time of joy, wonder, and cherished family traditions. One of the most delightful moments for children during the festive season is the fun of trying to catch Santa Claus on his visit to your home.

Habitec Security can bring some enchantment to your holiday season with our seasonal feature letting you capture proof of Santa visiting your tree this year! Sharing the Christmas spirit with your family is easy, just follow these steps!

Santa Home Security Feature. Let Santa show up on your security camera!’s Innovative Santa Security Feature has integrated a Christmas home security feature that reignites the imagination and joy of the holidays. This feature, designed to keep the spirit of Santa alive, cleverly merges technology with tradition by inserting images of Santa Claus into your live home security footage.

Easy and Fun to Use

Our Santa Security feature is remarkably user-friendly, turning your home security system into a portal of Christmas magic. Here’s how it works:

  1. Access Live Video Feed: Open the app and access any Live Video Feed from your home security cameras.
  2. Find Santa Icon: Look for the Santa icon within the app and tap it.
  3. Select Your Santa: You’ll find a variety of Santa images to choose from. Select the one that best suits your home’s setting.
  4. Customize Your Santa: You can resize and reposition Santa in the frame. Additionally, select full-color options for daytime scenes or black and white for nighttime settings.
  5. Capture the Magic: Take a special snapshot capturing Santa’s visit and share this delightful surprise with your kids and loved ones.

Santa Security 2023: Bringing Santa to Town

This season,’s Santa Security feature will be available until December 31st. This limited-time feature is a customer favorite, so make sure to capture the magic before it ends!

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