Whether you’re a first-time home owner or moving from your current house to a new one, it can seem overwhelming! With packing, planning and setting up your new property, you have a lot on your plate. We’ve put together a quick home security checklist to help make your transition easier – especially if you’re one of our current customers!

Read on to learn more about moving your security service and the first steps towards settling into safety in your new home.

Home Security Checklist Before Your Move

If you’re a Habitec Security customer or have another existing home security system, it’s important to cancel before you move! Depending on where you’re moving, you should have a few options. In many cases, these options can help you keep your protection and reduce the cost of installation at your new home!

Alert Habitec or Your Security Company of Your Move Date

Habitec or your current security company won’t know you’ve moved without prior notice. Your home security system will continue to monitor your home – even if nobody is living there! So it is important to notify them of the exact date of your move, so they can reprogram the alarm service and avoid false alarms.

Sign Up for Habitec at Your New Home

Habitec Security protects homeowners all over areas in Ohio and Northern Michigan. If your move will keep you in our service area, you may qualify for our Valued Customer Offer, which saves you $100 off your installation or monitoring at your new home.

Since you’ll likely be living in a new area, it’s important to stay safe and not forego the protection of a home security monitoring service you’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t forget you’ll also likely benefit from a discount from your home insurance company for having a security system – up to 20% in many cases!

It’s also possible your new home may already have a security system installed which is compatible with Habitec Security’s monitoring system. This will simplify the process to have your new home monitored by Habitec. But if you want to upgrade it, we have cutting-edge systems for everything from home security to home automation, with voice command responses and built-in cameras!

Invite Your New Homeowners to Habitec

Lastly, your existing home will still have the Habitec security system you originally installed. The new owners of your home will likely want the same protections you had – and they’ll be able to easily transition into a monitoring service with us. Plus, we offer a special discount when they do. And as a special thank you, if the new homeowner joins the Habitec family, you’ll receive a special referral credit towards your account!

Home Security Checklist After You’ve Moved In

If you’ve moved into your new house, it’s important to take some steps to help you acclimate to your new area and new home.

#1. Learn the Area

One of the first things you should do during the moving process is to get a good feel for the area around your home. This includes more than just your neighborhood, though it’s important too. Start by learning the road names around your home and those close-by. Afterwards, you can spend some time identifying local businesses nearby which you might frequent so you can do some research on their quality and safety.

You will also want to focus on learning where the nearest police station, fire station and emergency room are. During an emergency, this helps save precious time when you need to go to the hospital. It also will help give you an idea of how much time it may take emergency services to respond in the event you need to contact them.

#2. Meet Your Neighbors

The people in your community are often your strongest ally in protecting your home. When you plan your own home security checklist, always include meeting the neighbors near the top. Even if you’re a private person, it helps to have a good connection with those living nearby.

Your neighbors are often the first to notice when something is amiss. The better you know them and the better they know you, the easier it is to identify suspicious people loitering around the neighborhood. Most burglars case homes before they strike – and a tightly-knit community can spot them before they have a chance.

#3. Change the Locks

You’ll never know the people who lived in your house before you, or the people who lived there before them. The longer a lock goes unchanged, the more likely it is for people you’ve never met to have access to your home. Changing your locks is a critical starting point for owning a new property.

It’s very easy to change a modern lock, and most hardware stores have several options for you to choose from. While there are expensive models, you likely won’t need to spend too much to change the locks on your primary access doors.

Fortunately, if you have a home security system, you have backup protection against unexpected access. Even if an intruder has an old key to your home, without access to your security system, Habitec’s monitoring team will be able to identify their entry and alert you!

Additionally, if your home has a garage door with a keypad, contact the manufacturer to find out how to change the code. Just like with a door lock, you never know who may have the old code to your garage!

#4. Perform a Quick Outdoor Security Audit

A professional evaluation is the best way to learn about the risks and solutions for your home security but you can also . Look around to see what would make your home an easy target:

Check for Poor Lighting – Burglars will always prefer locations where they can stay out of sight. Dim lights or approaches which are blocked from your outdoor lighting are ideal, so replace the lights or consider installing new ones!

Visual Obstructions – Tall shrubs, thick trees or any poorly maintained overgrowth make it easier for someone to approach your house without being seen. Yard maintenance is as important to home safety as it is to the aesthetics of your property.

Blind Spots – Around your home are likely to be blind spots which can’t be easily seen through a window or door. These are ideal places to protect your property with the help of home surveillance cameras!

Protect Your New Home – Contact Habitec Security

If you’re moving to a new home and need new service or to transfer your Habitec Security monitoring service, we can help! Our experts can design a system for your new home’s unique needs and backed by award-winning, 24-hour local monitoring.

Plus, we offer a one-time $50 monitoring discount to any customers who tour our state-of-the-art Central Station.  What a great way to see the expertise first hand!

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