When planning your apartment security, a fully-monitored security system can make your life much easier. But modern security systems offer more than alarms for catching intruders or thieves. They can also reduce the needed personnel on hand and help keep your tenants safe automatically.

Read on to discover some of the top features you should consider for maximizing your multi-family dwelling or apartment security.

Access Control

One of the most common concerns among business or property owners is how to stop thieves or dangerous people from accessing their property. If you can prevent them from entering your building or complex, they’re unlikely to cause you trouble. Like any business, operating a multi-family residential facility can be made dramatically easier through automated access control.

There are several points of access you can control through an automated system. These can prevent strangers from accessing facilities, offices and of course the individual apartments. Elevators, amenities for residents and even the main access gate can all be locked behind keycard access.

Habitec Security’s access control systems let you track, review and manage access in real-time. It helps keep your tenants safe and protects you from liabilities.

Get a Full Security Assessment

Like home security, business security systems benefit from the experience of knowledgeable security experts. The first step when you work with Habitec is to perform a security assessment – identifying your unique needs and the features offering the best apartment security for your property.

Many property owners have a good idea of the biggest vulnerabilities with their buildings and the surrounding lot – especially if the owner has experienced theft or damage in the past. However, security assessments are still important due to the hidden risks only years of experience can teach.

Not only does an assessment guarantee your security system will be effective, it helps to make sure you receive the recommendations you need. Habitec will design custom-planned security solution for you!

Security Cameras

Even the smallest multi-family dwelling can be difficult to keep watch. Security cameras are the easiest solution for simplifying apartment security and creating a zone of safety around your building or buildings.

Security cameras integrated with a full security system allow you to see what’s happening when alarms are triggered. This lets you identify potential risks, clear false alarms and have evidence for insurance or law enforcement if necessary.

Habitec Security also offers advanced video verified monitoring. When an alarm is triggered, an alert is sent to our award-winning Central Station. Our dispatchers review the footage and can contact the authorities within moments.

Not only does this eliminate the risk of false alarms, it reduces liabilities and gives you similar protection to having a guard detail – without the cost or risk of additional staff.

Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Freezing Monitoring

Residential buildings are always at risk for fire damage, freezing pipes or even carbon monoxide exposure. There are many solutions to protect you and your tenants from all of these risks.

  • Fire & Smoke Alarms
  • Flood Sensors
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When these trigger, they can both alert the proximity through alarms, but also send you email or text alerts. This helps keep you in the loop even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

In addition to our fire and environmental protection, Habitec also offers fire inspection services. We will thoroughly test and inspect every part of your fire system to confirm it meets NFPA standards. Our inspection can also include cleaning the devices and measuring their sensitivity to guarantee they comply to the necessary codes.

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