Do you own a business? Then you know the stress associated with keeping your building, employees and customers safe. Chasing security concerns as they pop up is a recipe for disaster. You can take a proactive stance to defending yourself against threats by following these 10 key business security tips.

#1. Invest in a Monitored Security System

First and foremost, there’s no substitute for a monitored security system. You can’t watch your business 24/7. Thieves and vandals know this and try to target buildings when they’re least likely to be watched. But a dedicated team of professionals, like those at our award-winning Central Station, can monitor your business at all hours of the day.

Response time is critical for burglary, and a monitored security system is your best tool to ensure law enforcement is alerted as soon as possible.  For even faster police response and a reduction in false alarms, you can add video verified monitoring to your system and an alarm will trigger a video notification sent to our Central Station. Habitec dispatchers will review the footage to determine if there is a crime in progress. If needed, law enforcement will be dispatched immediately.

#2. Security Cameras Are a Must-Have

When it comes to monitoring a business, security cameras are necessary or you’ll be effectively operating blind. Being able to view any area of your business instantly is paramount to security.

Modern cameras feature HD video quality and audio to keep live and recorded footage crystal clear. This helps when keeping an eye on your business, or if you ever must submit footage to law enforcement as part of an investigation.

Likewise, you can use security cameras to monitor your employees and customers. They function well as a deterrent, but they also help you prevent shrinkage through theft – both from staff or visitors. Employee theft or vandalism is more common than you may think, and cameras are one of the best ways to help prevent or prosecute these crimes.

More importantly, security monitoring offered by Habitec Security can integrate your cameras into your security system. Choose video monitoring and you can forget fencing, gates, exterior lighting and security guards. Not only can Habitec Dispatchers live stream during security events, but Video Monitoring has other great benefits:

  • Detect human and vehicle analytic events up to 350 feet away with only one camera
  • Create your monitoring area using perimeter line fence analytics
  • Define the types and amount of activity and or what specific objects to detect
  • Create customized schedules for reporting alarm events

#3. Restrict Access to Important Areas

One of the best business security tips for any business is to take special care in restricting access to critical or dangerous areas. Whether you operate a factory, an office complex, or work out of a small building, there are rooms that are off-limits. These can contain dangerous equipment, chemicals, critical IT technology or confidential information. The better you control access to these places, the safer everyone is.

Locking a door isn’t always enough to genuinely control access. Doors can be left unlocked and keys can be copied. A shared set of keys can easily to fall into the wrong hands! Modern access control systems:

  • Reduce unauthorized access
  • Log access for review
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Allow you to track visitors and staff

Modern access control systems can use anything from proximity cards and combination PINs to biometrics. The degree of security that you should implement is one area our security experts can make recommendations!

#4. Great Training is a Security Asset

While security systems are important, never underestimate the effectiveness of good training. A trained and prepared staff is your best tool against crime, danger, and liability. Take the time to develop reliable procedures for working at your business!

The most important things can often be overlooked:

  • Do you have a security system installed? Make sure your staff knows how to operate it!
  • Do you have restricted rooms or dangerous materials? Note them appropriately and explain the risks to your staff.
  • What are the steps employees should take to open and close the business to ensure no door is left unlocked and safety protocols are followed?

Any of these questions or concerns are solved through a detailed training period. The time you spend preventing problems is always better used than time spent fixing an avoidable accident.

#5. Don’t Tempt Opportunistic Theft

Natural lighting is a great way to help create a comfortable atmosphere in a store or office. But wide-open windows can also leave expensive equipment or products clear in view for those who might decide theft is a calculated risk. Not all theft is pre-planned and delicately executed. Sometimes, a person sees something they decide is worth taking .

If your building has expensive items in plain view, you may be creating unnecessary risk. Even if you’re trying to put products on display, it’s often a better idea to use blinds or curtains to block vision into your building when it’s closed.

#6. Take Fire Hazards Seriously

Every business is at risk for fire. Modern technology is hardwired through all the nooks and crannies of your building, equipment you use could catch fire and employee carelessness is always a potential risk factor. Fire protection is a must!

Fire alarms are designed to catch fires as quickly as possible and alert both the fire department as well as your staff. Without adequate fire security, a small spark could grow until it’s engulfing half the building before some people in the building would ever know – potentially leaving them trapped.

Fires spread quickly, and it only takes a minute or two for an electrical fire to spread through most of a building. Habitec can not only install smoke and heat detectors throughout your building, but our fire alarm systems come with pull stations and horn strobes to reduce the time it takes for fires to be identified and buildings to be alerted.

On top of that, we also offer testing, inspection and maintenance services to help protect your business. See if you’re in our service area!

#7. Stay Vigilant

You can trust your security systems, cameras and fire alarms to help identify or prevent most issues. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay vigilant! For starters, if you have access control that logs information or security cameras that log movement at odd hours, review them! Don’t wait until an alarm triggers to make the most of your security tools – you could identify a suspicious pattern before an actual crime is attempted.

Many times, thieves test your security by trying to open doors they shouldn’t or staking out your building overnight. Review your security logs and submit suspicious activity to the authorities proactively!

#8. Test Your Security

Stay two steps ahead of threats by knowing the potential risks. Do you have security cameras? Move through the halls and see if there are any blind spots. Is there a window or door entrance that motion sensors don’t have full vision of? Make a note and contact your security company!

Businesses change over time. If you remodel your interior, or just move around equipment or cubicles, you may disrupt the layout of your security system to create gaps in coverage. No matter what the cause, you should always know the weakest links in your security!

#9. Don’t Try to DIY Your Business Security

If you only follow one of our business security tips, make sure it’s this one: don’t rely on DIY security to protect your business. While the lower cost may make DIY tempting, the true cost of a DIY security system is your safety.

DIY security systems come in all shapes and sizes: from basic entryway alert devices to cloud-enabled devices that share some features with professional security systems. Regardless of what they offer, the primary risk is that DIY security eliminates trained security professionals from the equation.

Installing a security system isn’t a simple task. Professional security companies like Habitec Security have decades of experience, expertise and training to understand your security needs. We help with everything from identifying the security features you need to installing them intelligently in your business to offer maximum safety.

DIY security installed improperly can lead to major gaps in security – with problems ranging from entryways that aren’t properly monitored to equipment installed incorrectly. Habitec not only evaluates your security needs and guarantees our installations, we also help ensure your security devices continue to function for years, so you know you’re always protected.

#10. Follow Your Procedures

Our last business security tip is simple: abide by the practices and guidelines you create. Don’t fall into a rut of complacency when it comes to protecting your business. Especially when you’re protected by a fully monitored security system, it’s common to go years without an incident – whether from exterior or interior threats. But that doesn’t mean the risks aren’t there!

Stay up to date with your security devices. Continue training new employees to properly work with your security system and workspace. Stay vigilant and use the tools you have to keep your business safe for years to come.

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