The coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes throughout the business world. One of the most important changes is a renewed focus on security and safety. While most understand security systems and cameras are a critical part of business safety, small business access control can also play a major role in protecting your employees and customers!

Read on to learn how small business access control can help your business and why it is a smart idea to upgrade your existing security system to implement a full suite of access control features!

What Is Small Business Access Control?

Access control for small businesses is largely the same as it is for big businesses! The benefit of modern access control systems is how easily scalable they are. They work great for businesses with thousands of people – or those with just a handful of dedicated employees.

How your access control works is often dependent on your business needs and your personal wants as an entrepreneur. The key aspect of any access system includes using technology to easily permit or deny access to your business or specific areas within. Perhaps you have sensitive documents which should only be accessible to managers, or you want to make sure your delivery area can be remotely opened when necessary. These are some of the most useful and common possibilities with access control for small businesses.

Is Access Control Useful for Small Businesses?

As a business owner, employee safety and comfort in your building is an important part of maintaining morale and avoiding security concerns. In the past, employees may have seen access control as an annoyance – though an understandable one. However, modern surveys show an increasing appreciation for access control systems for security and safety.

One major impetus for this has been the current pandemic! In fact, 67 percent of employees indicate  security, instead of convenience, is more important to them now in a modern access control system.

Some entrepreneurs may think of an access control system as something for larger buildings, like those with dozens or hundreds of rooms and thousands of employees. In reality, access control can be beneficial for even extremely small businesses of just a few staff members!

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect with a modern access control system for your business:

Employee Review

Modern systems extend well beyond just denying or permitting access! Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have easily referenced data to understand which employees were on site at specific times. Our systems provide you with access logs down to the second so you can review a wealth of data regarding your staff, including:

  • What days they were on-site
  • When they arrived and/or left for the day
  • Which rooms they entered

This information can be crucial for the purposes of “contact tracing” regarding the pandemic.

But this review extends far beyond just the pandemic. For many business owners, it’s helpful to understand the habits of their employees – especially when you can’t be on site! Is your staff opening on time? Are they closing early? Are important daily tasks which require accessing controlled rooms being completed appropriately? All of this information can be pivotal for your success!

Protecting Your Staff

For buildings of any size, ranging from offices to schools, access control can be the centerpiece of your interior security. In the event of a lockdown situation, a centralized control system lets you restrict access and even monitor movements through your building to keep staff and occupants informed.

Remote Convenience

Our access control systems can feature remote control options, making it effortless to control your business from anywhere. Quickly allow entrance for an employee who forgot or lost their key or check in to make sure the office is locked up after you quickly rushed home!

Regarding the pandemic, these remote tools can be useful too. Opening the door for delivery people or other third-parties which move in and out of your building throughout the workday can expose you or your staff to infection risks. With remote access control, you can give them access from the other side of the office, or even the other side of the world!

Simplify Turnover

It may be uncommon, but business can lead to situations with unhappy ex-employees. With typical businesses, this may mean a disgruntled employee could have access to your building through the keys they had as part of their typical duties. If this were the case, you would need to replace all the locks in your business to reinforce the security of the building.

With an access control system, credentials can be managed digitally. Instantly revoke an employee’s access with a keystroke, rendering their card or key fob inactive!

Upgrade Your Business with Access Control

Every modern public or private building benefits from security systems. For many commercial endeavors, alarms and security cameras are a must! If you have an existing security system, access control can often be integrated as part of your suite of security, enhancing the safety of your building and giving you better control over your business!

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