Every year, the FBI and state or local agencies release data providing insight into the realities of criminal activities both nationally and state-wide. The truth behind burglary statistics can be alarming to the average home or businessowner! As a security system provider, Habitec Security looks closely at this information to make sure we’re providing the right solutions for your home or business to keep you safe.

Read on to see some of the most important information to take away from recent crime and burglary statistics, which might help you understand the value of a security system and how to keep your property safe!

Houses Are the Primary Target

Some homeowners may think of burglary as a business concern. But while businesses certainly are a popular target, it’s residential property that burglary statistics show are at the highest risk. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, over 62 percent of all burglaries took place in a residential property.

The likely reason is due to access and lower risk. Residential property is everywhere, and during the day, many houses are completely empty. Fewer than 8 percent of burglars carry weapons when they’re planning to steal, which isn’t surprising as burglaries are crimes where the criminal wants to completely avoid confrontation. But you can use that to your advantage!

Keeping burglars out – or scaring an active burglary away – can often be as easy as installing a monitored home security system. Burglars want to avoid attention entirely. They’re far less likely to target homes with security systems. And for the foolish burglar who attempts it anyway, the sound of an alarm and threat of a police response is usually all it takes to have them turning tail when your security system is triggered.

Ohio Burglary Rates Are Above the National Average

It’s often easy to think of crime as a problem that affects other communities more than your own. But for Ohioans, burglary statistics paint a different picture. As of the 2000s, property crime in Ohio actually outpaces the national average. And despite a decrease in car theft and larceny (theft that doesn’t involve entering private property,) residential and business burglaries increased by 9 percent.

For residences, Ohio burglaries followed national trends by primarily happening during the day. But nearly 40 percent of these burglaries still happened overnight. Nighttime burglary can still involve unoccupied homes, such as residences of third-shift workers, but they also happen frequently to homes that are temporarily empty.

Especially now in the summer, when so many people are planning or taking long vacations away from home, it’s important to keep your home under watch. Security cameras are one of the best ways to have peace of mind that your house isn’t a blind spot for you or your security system when you’re away from home.

Nearly All Burglars Are “Amateurs”

It’s hard not to think of burglars as they’re presented on crime shows and dramas. Fortunately, the concept of the “professional thief” is mostly a myth – at least as far as burglary statistics go. In reality, about 85 percent of all burglaries are done by amateurs either as crimes of opportunity or out of desperation. These individuals don’t have unique skills, tools or other factors that give them an edge in evading security or mistakes.

It’s one of the reasons that properly securing your home or business against burglars is so effective. Most people who would consider invading your property will trigger an alarm system, be captured on camera, or fail to find entry past high-tech access control like biometric locks.

The Average Loss in a Burglary Is Nearly $3,000

The cost of burglary is high. According to the FBI crime statistics, the average monetary loss in 2019 to a burglary was about $2,661. For most Americans, that’s an amount of money that could completely disrupt their lives.

And that’s just the clear dollar cost of these burglaries. Crime statistic analysts can’t value priceless property like family heirlooms or other important memories that may be lost or damaged in a burglary. Let alone the emotional costs of experiencing a violation of your privacy in the place that most people consider a safe space to relax and let their guard down.

Burglarized Homes Are Often Targeted Again Shortly After

More concerningly, half of all properties that experience a burglary will experience a second one within the month! This can be either due to thieves identifying your property as vulnerable or because they want to come back for a valuable item they couldn’t get the first time.

This is another reason it’s so critical to safeguard your home or business. Once you’ve been targeted, it’s highly likely you’ll continue to be targeted until you invest in security anyway. Stopping the first theft before it happens diminishes the possibility that you’ll have to deal with attempted burglaries in the future.

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