Burglars don’t take the summer off! Instead, they time the summer months specifically to take advantage of the fact that homeowners are out of the house enjoying the warmer weather and have left their homes vulnerable to break-ins. You need to do some simple home safety checks and make sure your property is secure.

Read on to learn our top security tips for summer to let you enjoy the season in peace.

Why Summer Is Important for Security

When thinking about home security, the summer is a critical time of year. Why? Because crime typically increases in the warmer months – especially during the dog days of summer! There are a lot of theories as to why, but the reality is there are simply a lot of factors that all go into this effect, such as:

Summer Solstice – The summer months bring us to the longest days of the year. That means more daylight hours for people to be out and about. That makes it more likely your home is left vulnerable, and simultaneously means ill-intentioned criminals have more chances to happen across crimes of opportunity like seeing a garage left wide open.

More Vacations – Another major aspect of summer is vacation. While you deserve that rest and relaxation, it’s important to know that burglars look for signs that a house may be temporarily unoccupied for easy theft.

Open Doors or Windows – Trying to beat the heat without air conditioning means a lot of open entrances to your home. It only takes one forgetful day of leaving a window open when you aren’t home for someone to find their way inside.

Regardless of what the cause is, the statistics don’t lie! Summer means more crime, which means it’s a great time to consider these security tips for summer safety!

Advertise Your Security System

Your home security system is the backbone of your security planning. It handles a lot without you needing to do much. From 24/7 protection of your property to alerts when events happen, you rely on your security system for peace of mind.

However, one of it the other big tasks that system can accomplish is deterrence. Afterall, most homeowners would prefer to never hear their alarm system go off – it’s much better to know that simply having it makes burglars keep moving!

The best way you can amplify your security system’s benefit as a deterrent is to advertise your security! Signs around your home that let any potential burglars know they’re approaching protected property will make anyone think twice before attempting to break in while you’re gone.

Habitec Security has been providing security to homes and businesses in the Ohio and Michigan areas for decades. Along with state-of-the-art security devices, we have our award-winning Central Station to actively monitor our customers’ security systems to provide the best-in-class protection.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Planning that summertime vacation? Go ahead, you deserve it! But you also deserve to come back to a home safe and sound. The best way to do that is to avoid advertising your temporary absence. There are a lot of steps you can take to do so:

Stop Your Mail – For any vacation longer than a few days, take the few minutes to stop your mail. A mailbox bursting with letters is an obvious sign nobody is home. This can also help you avoid porch pirates, depending on what may be arriving via your mail during your trip!

Hire Lawncare Services – Is your vacation going to be extra-long? That doesn’t mean your grass needs to grow extra long too! If you’ll be away for several weeks, one great security tip for summer is to find a local lawncare service to keep your outdoors in order. Not only will this keep your home looking occupied, but it will also avoid overgrowth from providing thieves with visual cover to find their ways into your home.

Stay Off Social Media – It’s a common tip these days, but staying off social media during your vacation is a great idea. Not only does it prevent your activity from exposing your home as unoccupied, but it also lets you focus on enjoying your vacation. That’s a win-win!

Do a Walkthrough Before You Go – The best way to protect your home from burglars is to make sure they can’t simply walk inside. A surprising number of home theft cases start with an unlocked door or window. Before your vacation, make sure to do a quick walkthrough and check every entry point to make sure your home is locked up tight.

Protect Your Outdoors

Even if you plan to stay home, the summer still comes with higher risks of issues with your outdoor area. This could be anything from your tool shed to your detached garage or a pool if you have one. Anything that might attract unwanted attention around your home is vulnerable to prying eyes or sticky fingers.

The best way to protect your outbuildings or recreational spots is with proper security camera coverage. Outdoor surveillance gives you peace of mind that your whole property is being watched when you’re busy, asleep, or otherwise distracted.

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